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Free OKR Template in Excel

Jumpstart the execution of your OKRs with a ready-to-go template that will guide you in developing your Objectives and Key Results for your company, your teams, and team members.

  • Step-by-step process
  • Simple and clean design
  • Totally customizable and level agnostic
  • Equipped with essential columns like Owner, Target Date, Current Value and more.

Your template comes in Excel format, so you can input all your OKRs, and share them with your team.

Over 47,000 downloads this year alone!

Why you'll love this OKR template...

Fully Interactive

We built the template in a way that guides you through the various steps of putting together and tracking your OKRs easily and intuitively.

Detailed But Simple to Use

It includes columns with all of the important elements of a well-written OKR: Tracking Metric, Initial and Target Value, Current Value and Progress, Target Date, Version, Owner, Status, etc. Read the Glossary to understand exactly what information to put in its cell.

Auto-generated Progress Ratio

Once you insert your metric's current value, you'll have an automatically calculated ratio of the progress you've made against your target value.

Level Agnostic

It includes three different tabs that help you align the OKRs: Company-level OKRs, Team-level OKRs, and Individual-level OKRs.

Thanks for sharing! Will be using this at our upcoming strategy off-site sessions. I like how simple and clean it is..!
Harold Mayer

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