Acquisition Plan Template

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Acquisition Plan Template

What is an Acquisition Plan?

An acquisition plan outlines the process of acquiring another company or merging with another organization. It includes the objectives, actions, and measures that need to be taken to ensure a successful acquisition. The acquisition plan template outlines the key steps to take in order to make sure that all stakeholders are properly informed, that all legal and financial matters are taken into account, and that the integration of the two companies is seamless and successful.

What's included in this Acquisition Plan template?


  • 3 focus areas
  • 6 objectives
  • 6 projects
  • 6 KPIs

Each focus area has its own objectives, projects, and KPIs to ensure that the strategy is comprehensive and effective.


Who is the Acquisition Plan template for?

This acquisition plan template is for executives, managers, and teams in any industry who are planning to acquire another company or merge with another organization. It is designed to help these teams navigate the process of acquiring or merging with another organization, from the initial assessment to the integration of the two companies.

1. Define clear examples of your focus areas

A focus area is a specific area that needs to be addressed in order to achieve the desired outcome of the acquisition. In this acquisition plan template, the focus areas are Acquisitions, Integration, and Culture. Each of these focus areas has its own objectives, actions, and measures that need to be taken in order to ensure a successful acquisition.

2. Think about the objectives that could fall under that focus area

An objective is a measurable goal that can be achieved through the implementation of related projects. For example, under the focus area of Acquisitions, the objective is to develop and execute an acquisition plan. This objective can be broken down into smaller, measurable goals such as creating an acquisition plan before the due date, and implementing the acquisition plan without delay.

3. Set measurable targets (KPIs) to tackle the objective

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are measurable targets that can be used to measure progress towards an objective. For example, under the objective of Executing an Acquisition Plan, the KPI is to complete the acquisition without delay. This can be measured by tracking the timeline of the acquisition and ensuring that it is completed within the allotted timeframe.

4. Implement related projects to achieve the KPIs

A project (action) is a specific plan of action that needs to be taken in order to achieve a KPI. For example, under the objective of Executing an Acquisition Plan, the related project is to implement the acquisition plan. This could involve gathering the relevant information, preparing documents, and making sure all stakeholders are properly informed.

5. Utilize Cascade Strategy Execution Platform to see faster results from your strategy

Cascade is a strategy execution platform that helps teams track and measure their progress towards their objectives. With Cascade, teams can quickly and easily set up objectives, projects, and KPIs, and track their progress in real-time. Cascade also provides insights into how teams can improve their performance, and provides best practices for successful strategy execution.

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