Automotive Marketing Strategy Template

A clear strategic plan for deciding on the correct automotive marketing strategies to implement for your business.
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Automotive Marketing Strategy Template

What is an Automotive Marketing Strategy?

An Automotive Marketing Strategy is a process of deciding on the correct auto marketing strategies to implement for your business, which can help push your customers to engage with and choose your products. 

What's included in this Automotive Marketing Strategy template?

  • Automotive Strategy statement
  • 4x Automotive Strategy Values
  • 4x Automotive Strategy Focus Areas
  • 12x Automotive Strategy Objectives
  • 18x Automotive Strategy Projects
  • 18x Automotive Strategy KPIs

Who is this Automotive Marketing Strategy template for?

This template can be used by the marketing team within your organization; however, further collaboration will be needed with your employees in the automotive industry to properly designate focus areas, align targets and create projects. 

How is this Automotive Marketing Strategy template relevant to your organization?

This Automotive Marketing Strategy template can help your team build trust with your customers, provide relevant engaging information and target the right customers through your automotive campaigns. It can also provide your team and you with a series of areas to focus your marketing efforts on and tactics to prioritize your own automotive marketing to increase your sales and return on investment (ROI).

1. Define clear examples of your focus areas

This assists you to come up with and designate various areas either within your organization or externally that your team and you can focus on to better target the strategy you are working on. The focus areas you identify can be as broad or narrow as you require; however, the most important point is that they must be relevant to the strategy you're working on.

Examples of focus areas for your automotive strategy could be but are not limited to: Video Marketing, Online Review Management, User-friendly Web Experience, and SMS Marketing

2. Think about the objectives that could fall under that focus area

The next step is to come up with narrower goals that you want to achieve within those focus areas. This step shows you the importance of having relevant focus areas, as setting the objectives for these becomes much easier. 

Possible objectives for the Video Marketing focus area could be to Enhance online engagement to build a sense of community, Increase brand awareness so it is recognized across the country, Increase sales revenue.

3. Set yourself measurable targets (KPIs) to tackle the objective

KPIs are measurable values that indicate how well a business is performing in order to achieve its goals. The KPIs you set help your team and you evaluate whether your strategy is headed in the correct direction. These KPIs can be tailored and revised accordingly based on your team and individual performance.

KPIs for this automotive strategy could be to Maintain a high open-rate, Increase average health score, Improve NPS score, Increase subscription rate. 

4. Implement related projects to achieve the KPIs

If you think of a strategy like a car, the projects are the fuel that helps to get the vehicle running. Projects help your organization to learn, adapt and improve new processes, products, and technology. Following through with and achieving your projects can contribute to the success of your goals. 

Examples of a few projects for this Automotive strategy template could be: Create customer success stories with the most valued customers, Implement a customer success platform, Hire 2 new customer support reps, and Devise a plan outlining how many texts to send and what apps to use to send them. 

5. Utilize Cascade tools to track and visualize performance. 

Finally, Cascade has a separate section called dashboards that enables you to set up widgets such as bar charts, Gantt charts and line graphs (just to name a few) to visually monitor and track your progress on your projects and KPIs. 

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