Corporate Strategy Template

A comprehensive, universally applicable plan that concerns the overall growth and direction of a company.
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Corporate Strategy Template

What Is a Corporate Strategy Plan?

A corporate strategy plan is a document that outlines a company's overall direction and goals and presents information on how the company plans to achieve them. 

It’s based on an analysis of the company's current situation, as well as its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The plan also sets out specific objectives and tactics for achieving the established goals.

It outlines the resources and capabilities that will be required and guides the decision-making process for the company and its management team.

Corporate strategic planning involves determining a company's overall growth and direction in the long run. 

What's Included in This Corporate Strategy Template?

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This template is pre-filled with examples, which you can use as inspiration for your own corporate strategy plan.

  • 4x Corporate Strategy Focus Areas
  • 14x Corporate strategy Objectives
  • 20x Corporate strategy Projects
  • 22x Corporate strategy KPIs

Once you have set your template, you can also create dashboards for real-time performance monitoring.

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Who Is This Corporate Strategy Plan For?

This corporate strategic plan can be used by individuals on all levels of the organization.

However, this corporate strategy template would be specifically useful to individuals working in the corporate strategy department. They would presume the role of a coordinating body, working to develop and implement strategies that comply with those of other individual departments. They are also responsible for promoting overall corporate goals.

How is This Corporate Strategy Template Relevant to your Organization?

You and your team can use this template to help you perform optimally in a dynamic world. It will allow you to keep pace with market changes and the organization’s needs while improving decision-making and motivating employees.

Creating a business strategy using this template will help your company remain competitive, as it helps your team track and achieve the organization’s long-term goals.

How Do You Use a Corporate Strategy Template?

After downloading the template, you’ll gain instant access to pre-filled data containing sample focus areas, objectives, and KPIs. Here’s how you can maximize this template for your corporate-level strategy.

Step 1: Identify your organization’s important metrics through a strategic planning session. 

The strength of any template lies within the right frameworks. You need to do the groundwork before you start completing the template. Conduct a strategic planning session among key stakeholders and come up with the following elements or areas:

  • Focus Areas: These are critical business areas that need to be constantly monitored to ensure company goals are reached. If you’re struggling for inspiration, try to think of the categories within your organization that you want to focus on and start creating strategic focus areas from there.
  • Objectives: Under each focus area, you need to come up with objectives that capture the outcomes you want the company to achieve.
  • Actions: Under each objective, devise specific projects, and action plans that will make the objectives a reality.
  • KPIs or Metrics: KPIs are important metrics that ensure you can accomplish your business objectives. They take into account numerical measurements and enable you to review the performance of your goals so you can make adjustments in your execution.
  • Milestones: Goals should be realistic and achievable within a specific time frame. Milestones measure progress towards the overall goals.
  • Risk Management: To know when a certain objective, KPI, or action is in danger of not being fulfilled, you can add certain risk measures that alert you when these items need further attention.
  • Owners: To ensure objectives and actions are successfully achieved, assign accountable persons who will drive the execution and fulfillment of these items. 

Cascade’s Corporate Strategy Template comes with the most common focus areas used by organizations of all sizes. You can use these pre-filled areas or edit them to match your own.

Step 2: Edit the pre-filled areas in the template to match your own strategy. 

There is no one-size-fits-all template for making a corporate strategy because the content and format will depend on the company and the industry in which it operates.

However, the template already provides the framework for inserting your business strategy, so you can easily measure it and cascade it to your team. You’ve accomplished the most challenging portion of the business strategy once you’ve identified all the metrics and related actions.

The next step is to put those plans into writing—in this case, the template—and prepare for execution.

Step 3: Add collaborators who would be responsible for executing the plan. 

Communicate the plan to all stakeholders. This includes employees and shareholders, as well as any other relevant parties. Regularly review and update the plan as the company's environment and circumstances change.

Cascade makes it easy to manage risks, monitor progress, and execute plans using the following features:

  • Dashboards: View chart widgets and graphs filled with real-time data to help you evaluate performance and make quick changes as needed.
  • Reports: Get an in-depth look at each goal’s progress and understand what’s causing any backlog with comprehensive reports and drill-down capabilities.  
  • Integrations: Make data gathering easy and seamless with Cascade’s integrations with popular business apps and project management tools.

Cascade’s Corporate Strategy Template makes it intuitive and seamless for your organization to track its corporate strategy and ensure it’s not forgotten in the boardroom. This increases the chances of success since everything can be efficiently tracked and monitored.

Achieve Your Company Goals with Cascade’s Corporate Strategy Template

Start tracking your goals and milestones and make certain every strategic plan is carried to completion. Cascade’s Corporate Strategy Template ensures your organization starts on the right track. Get your Corporate Plan in Cascade today.

Corporate Strategy Template FAQs

How do I start a corporate-level strategy?

To start building a corporate-level strategy, you need to take a good look at the current state of your business by analyzing the market and comparing your performance to that of your competitors. 

Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats—evaluate both internal and external factors to provide a broad view of corporate objectives. With this understanding in hand, corporate goals can then be established. These goals should be aligned with the interests of the company and its stakeholders.

From here, objectives should be set in order to reach these corporate goals. Lastly, it is important to develop specific strategies that will bridge the gap between corporate objectives and long-term success.

What are the key elements of a corporate strategy plan?

At its core, the corporate strategy plan focuses on deciding where an organization wants to go and how it plans on getting there. It involves coming up with a clear vision and mission statement, doing a thorough market analysis that can help you figure out what customers need and want, choosing corporate goals, and coming up with specific strategies and tactics to be used to reach those goals.

Other key elements of the corporate strategy plan include evaluating internal strengths and weaknesses, developing dependencies among multiple projects, resource management, and risk assessment/management.

An effective corporate strategy also allocates appropriate resources and evaluates the progress made toward achieving corporate objectives.

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