Human Resources Strategy Plan Template

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Human Resources Strategy Plan Template

What is a Human Resources Strategy Plan?

A Human Resources Strategy Plan outlines the goals, objectives and initiatives of a company in terms of its human resources management. It outlines the strategies and processes that should be followed in order to improve employee development, wellbeing and performance. The plan enables HR teams to develop a clear view of their objectives and create a pathway to success.

What's included in this Human Resources Strategy Plan template?


  • 3 focus areas
  • 6 objectives
  • 6 projects
  • 6 KPIs

Each focus area has its own objectives, projects, and KPIs to ensure that the strategy is comprehensive and effective.


Who is the Human Resources Strategy Plan template for?

The Human Resources Strategy Plan template is designed for HR teams in organizations of all sizes and industries to create a human resources strategy plan that focuses on employee development and wellbeing. It provides a framework to help HR teams plan, implement and track their human resources initiatives.

1. Define clear examples of your focus areas

Focus areas are broad categories of your HR strategy. Examples of focus areas could be Employee Development, Employee Wellbeing, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, etc. Each focus area should have its own set of objectives, actions and KPIs.

2. Think about the objectives that could fall under that focus area

Objectives are specific goals that you would like to achieve within each focus area. They should be measurable, achievable and relevant. Examples of objectives could be increasing employee engagement, decreasing employee turnover rate, increasing workplace safety or improving employee satisfaction.

3. Set measurable targets (KPIs) to tackle the objective

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are measurable targets that enable you to track the progress of your objectives. Examples of KPIs could be increasing the employee engagement score from 3.7 to 4.2, decreasing the employee turnover rate from 10% to 6%, reducing workplace injuries from 7 to 2 or increasing the employee satisfaction score from 4.5 to 4.8.

4. Implement related projects to achieve the KPIs

Projects, or actions, are initiatives that you can take to reach your KPIs. Examples of projects could be establishing employee appreciation programs, introducing employee development programs, implementing safety training programs or offering flexible working hours.

5. Utilize Cascade Strategy Execution Platform to see faster results from your strategy

Cascade is an award-winning strategy execution platform that provides you with the tools you need to create, track and monitor your strategy plans. With Cascade, you can easily set goals, define objectives, create projects, track tasks, monitor progress, identify issues and create reports. This helps you to see faster results from your strategic plans!

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