Renewable Energy Strategy Template

A strategy focused in improving energy savings and efficiency improvements in energy production.
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Renewable Energy Strategy Template

What is a Renewable Energy Strategy?

A Renewable energy strategy plan focuses on the technological changes with energy production, energy savings and the various sources of renewable energy available. 

What's included in this Renewable Energy Strategy template?

  • Renewable Energy Strategy statement
  • 4x Renewable Energy Strategy Values
  • 4x Renewable Energy Strategy Focus Areas
  • 12x Renewable Energy Strategy Objectives
  • 13x Renewable Energy Strategy Projects
  • 20x Renewable Energy Strategy KPIs

Who is this Renewable Energy Strategy template for?

With renewable energy growth and awareness peaking, such a template can be implemented into any organization's strategic plan. At the moment, most renewable energy strategy templates are used by organizations in the energy and automation industry. Such a template provides a unique selling point in diversifying your products and services to appeal to a sustainable market and widen your target audience. Additionally, individuals like Managers or CEOs, governments, public and private sector officials will be most interested in having access to such a strategy template.

How is this Renewable Energy Strategy template relevant to your organization?

If your organization is looking to have a customized and unique selling advantage, employing some form of a renewable energy scheme or a diverse way of producing energy through sustainable resources will be hugely relevant in standing out from your competitors. Furthermore, with consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, a renewable strategic framework will help your organization provide both a positive social change whilst gaining a monetary return.

1. Define clear examples of your focus areas

Focus areas are broad categories used to group problems or challenging areas within your organization. Creating focus areas helps guide your organization on what areas are a priority to work towards.

An example of a focus area within this Renewable Energy strategy template is: Alternative energy forms

2. Think about the objectives that could fall under that focus area

Ultimately, focus areas are broad enough that your strategic template can create set big picture goals to work towards. These goals are known as strategic objectives and help in setting the path for targets that need to be met.

An example of an objective within the focus area 'Alternative energy forms' can be: Measure and improve the efficiency of your assets and Anticipate consumer demand for alternative energy forms better

3. Set yourself key performance indicators (KPIs) to tackle the objective

The next step would be to set yourself KPIs that fall under that specific objective. KPIs are useful as they not only are narrowly defined targets, but they also come with a time frame in which a set team or individual has to achieve that target. This is beneficial in tracking performance and ensuring certain strategies with projects and end goals are met in accordance with the deadlines.

An example of a KPI that could be implemented for the objective area 'Measure and improve the efficiency of your assets' could be but is not limited to: Surpass the actual vs. expected energy production for hydro energy from 2 units to 5 units.

Find out more about what KPIs best link to your organization from Cascades's useful article centralizing on 84 Key performance indicators.

4. Implement related projects to achieve the KPIs

The fourth step within this Renewable Energy template will be to come up with respective projects to action out that will assist in achieving the objectives and for gathering data to measure out and track the KPIs

Projects are useful ways of gathering data that can be used to measure out KPIs as well as gain qualitative market research on the success of focus areas within the set strategy.

Some examples of projects within the Renewable Energy strategy plan can be: Utilize an energy management dashboard, Utilize rerouting and logistics to minimize fuel consumption, and Get in contact with new companies to introduce our services.

5. Utilize Cascade tools to track and visualize performance. 

The final tool to present and display all this data is the Cascade dashboard. The tool allows you to create as many dashboards as you require, as well as, add a multitude of widgets i.e. tables, charts, and goals to track the progress of your strategy elements. 

This renewable energy strategy template has two dashboards created, one for KPI tracking and the other for projects to separately see the growth, success, and target reach rate. Another handy tip on the dashboard widgets is that you can allocate individuals or teams to each KPI or project and monitor their progress towards achieving the set goal as good employee performance indicators.

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