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Beta Launch: Discover Table - Timeline View

Meet our most dynamic reporting option yet.
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Update by 
Cascade Team
February 8, 2024

What is the Timeline View in Discover Table?

The Discover Table is our most dynamic reporting option yet - and now you can take this flexibility a step further by changing how your data displays to a timeline.  The Timeline View allows you to review your Reports in a Gannt-style visual.

Timeline View is also available for PDF download should you want to export this visual to share with others.

How can I use the Timeline View?

Timeline View is ideal for any analysis you need to share around how programs of work interact or depend on one another.

  • Visualizing Timeline Dependencies: Showcase the relationships between the start and end date of various pieces of work.
  • Resourcing Reviews: Ensure teams committed to one program of work are not over-committed and that start and end dates properly reflect these constraints.

How do I set it up?

The Discover Table-Timeline View is available in Reports.

  • First, create a new Report or edit an existing Report.
  • Select the Discover Table icon in the top navigation bar while editing your report.
  • Use the drop-down menus to select the data source for your table.
  • Next, apply the necessary filters to your data set.
  • Select the required columns for your table by checking the box beside the relevant items.
  • Swap the view in the upper left from "Table" to "Timeline."
  • Adjust, as needed, the timeline grouping from monthly to daily and beyond.

Learn more about Discover Table - Timeline View.

Try it out in Cascade Reports!