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2021 at Cascade

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Cascade Team
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November 3, 2022
June 7, 2023

Phew, as they say in Australia — “What a bloody great year!”

Let’s take a moment to look back at all the incredible things that have happened at Cascade in 2021. 

We made strategy available for everyone


8,135,000+ people discovered Cascade

Yep. Eight million. Sure, it doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Eight billion,” — but we’re just getting started. People found us on Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Newspapers, Podcasts, you name it, we were there!


Thousands of teams started using Cascade

Thousands of professionals are one step closer to making their strategies happen. These people decided they wanted to do what really matters, not just whatever was on their to-do list. 


220,000+ strategic plans created in Cascade

220K! Can you believe that? That’s like every country doing over 1100 plans. Or over 480 plans per every single Squid Game participant. Imagine how different the outcome would have been! 


Over 25,000 strategy templates downloaded

Over 25,000 individuals took their first step to a better strategy by downloading one of our free strategy templates! We love it when customers come to us via these templates, as it means they a serious about their strategy! 

We went and made a big splash

At the beginning of the year, we set ourselves the goal to be bold. To make strategy available to everyone, everywhere. So we planned to organize the most incredible and unique online strategy experiences with that in mind. 


12,000+ registered for Strategy Fest 

Intending to make strategy available for everyone, we set sail to make it available and FUN. Combining keynote speakers from Google, Microsoft, Ikea, Heineken, Marriott, and more, with two live shows, standup comedy, roundtable discussions, and networking, we showed the world what strategy really is, and how Cascade is here to make it happen.


5,000+ strategy leaders joined us to celebrate World Strategy Day

In a world where the donuts, wine, and dogs have their own day, we realized that strategy didn’t have a day to celebrate. So that’s why we officially made the 9th of November World Strategy Day. A day to celebrate the good, the bad, and the ugly of strategy. A day to invite every single professional from around the globe to share their experiences and learnings about strategy. 

We held a unique 3 session-panel Discussion with speakers from top brands such as Red Bull, L’oreal, Roche, Burger King, and Intuit with an incredible turnout. 

Cascade grew enormously. Seriously!


86 people joined Cascade from around the globe!

This one might just be the craziest one. We started the year with a humble team of 26. In just 12 months, we grew 6 times in size and just recently celebrated our 100th Cascader! -There’s 108 of us now!-

We are an incredibly diverse team comprised of over 36 nationalities located in 13 different countries worldwide! Some of the team is pictured below, we have too many amazing humans to fit on one screen!


2021 has been, by far, our biggest year of growth.

Although growth is important, there’s something that excites us more.

This year, hundreds of the world's most successful organizations chose Cascade to help realize their vision. The biggest names in automotive. F1 racing teams. Iconic Football Clubs. Massive pharmaceutical organizations creating and distributing the COVID19 vaccine. Technology leaders. You name it.

They all decided that we are right. Strategy is broken, and there has to be a better way. 

This influx of leaders in industry and masters of strategy choosing Cascade represents a major shift in how people are starting to think about strategy. 

Continuing on this path, we’re incredibly excited for what 2022 brings.

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