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Cascade is a holistic strategy management system that brings your strategy to life, allows you to see what is working and what isn’t to adapt in real time. For Juul this means centralizing your strategy data, forming a cohesive, current view of your strategic landscape.
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Managing supply chain & competition risks
Create agile teams, being able to quickly adapt to supply chain disruptions and competitive pressures. Cascade helps you to go from planning to action with just a few clicks.
Increasing employee efficiency
Cascade helps you to align teams - from R&D to operations - on shared goals to achieve greater efficiency. Break down information silos. Save countless hours and speed up the delivery of your products.
Adopting new technologies
Connect your digitalization and automation strategy to day-to-day execution. With Cascade, you can track KPIs and teams' performance at any level of the organization. Assess progress towards your strategic goals with just a click of a button.

Your holistic strategy management system  
Plan, execute, measure & adapt all in one platform.

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Your strategy, your framework.
But centralized and visible.

Break down the complexity of your strategy from high-level initiative to executable outcome.
Categorize activities by classifying your objectives, measures, projects, and actions according to your tracking needs.
Layer initiatives by creating contributing objectives across multiple plans or break down big initiatives into nested sub-initiatives for enhanced clarity.


No more communication gaps or duplicate work.

Visualize strategic dependencies by diving deeper into your strategy's horizontal and vertical alignment from the corporate to initiative and even project level.
Eliminate duplication & resource waste by pinpointing the activities across your business that are operating outside of your strategic focus to keep your teams on track.
Clear roadblocks on your way to progress by recording and tracking program risks, dependencies, and blockers that may lie along your strategic journey.


Know the status of your strategy at all times

Get all your metrics at your fingertips by bringing your operating and financial business-level goals together with your strategy under one single roof.
Set a standard of excellence by assigning targets in your strategic plans against high-level metrics progress.
Align data to your strategic story by bringing quantitative information into the picture by reporting strategy progress against company-level objectives.


Experience fast strategic adaptability like you've never seen.

Quantify your decision-making by monitoring your key metrics and critical business and strategic information live. Use visualizations to present insights that power decision-making.
Add context to performance by combining information from different parts of your business and strategy. Add context, slice-and-dice data, and maintain a historical record over time.
Investigate deeply by drilling into trends to understand the root cause. Craft a narrative around those patterns and add it to your reports.

Why Cascade?

An award-winning product

Time and again (22 times to be exact), the Cascade platform reigns as the leader in Strategy Execution software. With a simplified user experience, a flexible platform setup, and 10k+ integrations, it's easy to see why.

A low barrier to entry

When you choose Cascade, you're looking at weeks to implement, not months. Plus, your change management efforts move closer to nil as teams discover the power of integrating the tools they use daily with Cascade. Get your organization quickly on the path to realizing ROI.

Services backed by industry experts

Our approach is enhanced by the expertise of our Strategy Execution Directors – seasoned professionals dedicated to bridging the gap between high-level planning and actionable execution.

Meet your dedicated
strategy partner,



Jyotsna Khan
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