Wednesday, JuLY 17
11 am est

Driving Strategy through Effective Change Management

Comprehensive Understanding
You will learn the fundamentals of change management and its integral role in executing organizational strategies.
Master leadership skills & best practices.
Discover techniques to guide teams through change and build a supportive organizational culture.

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About the Bootcamp

Are you experiencing resistance from your teams during transformational projects? Does your strategy never make it beyond the plan? Are you ready to lead your organization through the complexities of change that strategy brings? Join us for our bootcamp, "Driving Strategy through Effective Change Management" where you will gain the insights, tools, and skills to drive successful change initiatives and become a change leader in your organization.

What you'll learn

UNDERSTAND Change Management

Grasp the essential concepts and significance of change management in executing strategies.

Change Successfully

Learn how to effectively lead and manage change initiatives within your organization.


Acquire practical tools and frameworks to develop and implement a tailored change management plan.

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Our speakers

presented by
Miriam Lesa
Strategy Execution Director
With a rich history of strategic leadership at adidas Canada and roots in a family of entrepreneurs, Miriam is a distinguished strategist renowned for her ability to forge deep human connections and navigate complex challenges in diverse cultural settings.
presented by
Laura Blackmore
Head of Strategy Execution
With over ten years of experience in scaling startups and working with corporate clients, Laura is a distinguished strategist who excels at enhancing customer experiences and building high performing strategy teams.

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What is cascade?

The centralized platform used to plan, execute, and track your strategy.


What is Strategy Bootcamp?
Strategy Bootcamp is one of our most popular events that brings together senior leaders from the global business community. In this 60-minute event, you will learn from experts on how to master different skills to achieve your business goals. The event is free and online, allowing senior leaders from around the world to share their stories of success and failure and learn from each other.
Who should attend Strategy Bootcamp?
This Bootcamp is meticulously crafted for decision-makers seeking to bolster their organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to roll out effective strategies.
When is the event?
Strategy Bootcamp is on July 17, 11am EST. It's online, and it's free. You will receive the access link with the confirmation email.
Will the event be recorded?
Strategy Bootcamp will be recorded and the recordings will be shared with everyone who has signed up to the event.
What is Cascade?
Cascade is the world's #1 strategy execution platform helping thousands of organizations make their visions happen, through building their business and departmental plans, right through to tracking and execution of initiatives, team performance and more. Our customers are redefining the world as we know it - from battling the AIDS epidemic and establishing a supply chain for COVID-19 vaccines, to building the world’s fastest Formula One car.
Love how you brought strategy to the level of “common sense and problem solving” instead of some strange secret available to a selected few.
Brent Fleming
Executive Director at Mastercard