TRACK: Strategy Dashboards

Bring your strategy to life with a suite of gorgeous strategy dashboards to help you run anything from team meetings, to board meetings. Drag and drop your widgets into place, then publish and share!

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Drag-and-Drop Dashboard Builder

Add widgets, then drag and resize them to create the perfect visualization.

Flexible Data Visualization

Line charts, bar charts, pie charts & heatmaps. If you can imagine it - likely Cascade can do it.

Huge Widget Library

12 widgets for creating everything from charts, tables, RSS feeds and more.

Share Dashboards Everywhere

Collaborate with your colleagues on dashboards and even embed them on your own intranet / internet.

Drag-and-Drop Dashboard Builder

Dashboards are great - but being to create dashboards that look exactly the way you want them to is even better:

  • Select from 12 different widgets
  • Resize each widget to fit your needs
  • Arrange your widgets in a flexible dashboard grid
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Flexible Data Visualization

Cascade supports lots of different ways to display the data from your goals, projects & KPIs.

  • Line charts
  • Bar charts
  • Pie charts
  • Heatmaps
  • Tables
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Huge Widget Library

Widgets give you the flexibility to display exactly what you want to see on your dashboards.

  • Graph / chart libraries
  • Tables
  • Notes
  • Goals
  • RSS Feeds
  • 12 different widgets to choose from
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Share Dashboards Everywhere

Build a culture of engagement and transparency by sharing your dashboards with internal and external stakeholders:

  • Colleagues and employees
  • Board members and committees
  • The general public
  • Big screens for everyone to see

You can even embed dashboards on your own intranet or internet – check out some examples here.

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Gorgeous Strategy Dashboards

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