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Explore The Strategy Academy, the web's leading source of strategy guides, eBooks, templates & more. Learn everything you need to know about strategy & execution.

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The Cascade Product Hub will walk you through all aspects of the Cascade platform and includes webinars, the knowledge base and the latest product updates.

Manage Goals, Projects, KPIs & More

Get complete alignment to your organization's strategy.

Goal Hub  -  Automated Tracking  -  Notifications & Reminders

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Manage All Your Goals In One Place

Cascade handles any type of goal you want to throw at it - including projects and KPIs. So literally anything that your organization is working on, can be managed in Cascade.

  • Complete goal management solution

  • Project management with gantts, tasks & risks

  • Manage detailed KPIs such as revenue targets

  • Full task and risk management support
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Manual or Automatic Tracking with Integrations

Once you've loaded your goals, you can either track them manually, or use one of Cascade's auto-tracking features, including linking your goals to data from other systems via integrations.

  • Zapier support provides integration to 1000+ apps

  • Manual tracking using an intuitive slider

  • Auto-tracking looks at aligned goals' progress

  • REST API available for developers

  • Bulk update using Excel / CSV imports
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Get Automated Notifications & Reminders

Cascade's built-in notifications inform you about important activity on any goals. You can also configure automated reminders to your team to update their goals on the schedule you require.

  • Create strategy rhythm with regular goal reporting

  • Email notifications when interesting things happen

  • Set reminders for meetings and reports

  • Enhanced collaboration across teams

  • Define your reporting governance
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More goal management software features to help you succeed:

Project Management

Full support for management of projects (small or large) all linked to your strategy.


Create and assign tasks which are linked to goals or projects. Manage task lists and more.


Full risk management including support for risk scores, heatmaps and much more.

Portfolio Management

Group projects or goals into Portfolios to report on them in ways that make sense for your organization.

Custom Fields

Add unlimited custom fields including formulas to your strategic planning elements, giving ultimate flexibility.


Create virtual teams to collaborate on goals and projects with owners and co-owners.

File Uploads

Securely upload and share files attached to goals and projects.


Break your projects and KPIs down into milestones for easier management and reporting.

Private Goals & Projects

Mark goals and projects and private limiting access to only selected people.

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