Jump Start Guide for Finance, Strategy, and Data Teams

What to expect

I know what you’re here for - you’re wondering ‘how is Cascade really going to make my job easier?’ Great question! Let me show you.

To start, let’s set the scene:

When you first start using Cascade

You and your organization will get some amazing quick wins - like a one-click view to see all your key metrics, streamlined reporting on key initiatives, and the centralization of your current strategic chaos - which means you can start attacking it.

Over the next three months

As your organization continues to implement Cascade, you’ll begin to see some incredible results. As Cascade becomes the center of your org’s strategic ecosystem, you’ll begin to have total visibility over priorities and resources, so you can adjust focus and align the team on initiatives that really move the needle.

As Cascade becomes ingrained in your organization

You’ll have the visibility and context that you need to make adjustments in real time, and strike that perfect balance between operational and strategic priorities that you’ve been chasing.

When you reach your next strategic planning or budgeting cycle

You’ll have every bit of data you need - complete with the context and history - to make the right decisions.

Let’s nail down what those outcomes will look like in a bit more detail!

Outcomes you will see

  • Identify business challenges and design tactical adjustments based on current state.
  • Create presentations that provide insightful analysis and frame necessary decisions for executive leadership. 
  • Assess both operational and strategic performance to ensure that resources and priorities are in sync.
  • Take advantage of centralized visibility to proactively identify areas for improvement. 
  • Maintain relationships with cross-functional teams to ensure that priorities are aligned.
  • Align process and resource planning with overall strategy by leveraging complete observability.
  • Monitor and analyze trends and course-correct in real-time using dynamic goal-setting functions.

Your 30/60/90 plan

First 30 days

Import key metrics into the metrics library to begin establishing visibility and centralization.
Create necessary teams and plans within your Cascade workspace to ensure consistency and establish categories for operational and strategic goals.
Customize your workspace’s framework to contain all necessary information is captured.

By 60 days

Establish your strategic ecosystem by integrating Cascade with other tools used within your organization - including project management, financial tracking, and collaboration.
Design reports to provide visibility to senior leadership and allow you to begin monitoring trends and and forecast. 
Ensure that the data you require for decision making has been built out in Cascade by the teams that own it. 

By 90 days

Incorporate Cascade into your planning cycle by leveraging your reports to begin identifying challenges and opportunities. 
Establish a regular cadence to review reports from your organization’s teams, allowing you to maintain relationships and ensure that priorities are aligned. 

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