Jump Start Guide for Team Leaders

What to expect

I know what you’re here for - you’re wondering ‘how is Cascade really going to make my job easier?’ Great question! Let me show you.

To start, let’s set the scene:

When you first start using Cascade

You and your team will get some amazing quick wins - like a central place to view all of the metrics and initiatives that your team owns, and a clear line of sight between your team’s work and the organization’s overall strategy.

Over the next three months

As you and your team continue to implement Cascade, you’ll begin to see some incredible results.

As Cascade becomes the center of your strategic ecosystem

You’ll get to see how your team’s priorities fit into the web of alignment - what they impact, where there are dependencies or blockers, and more. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll be able to painlessly collaborate with other teams, create insightful and streamlined reports to share your team’s progress and challenges with leadership, and easily keep up with performance management.

Next time you review your team’s priorities or evaluate performances

You’ll have every bit of data you need complete - with the context and history - to make the right decisions.

Let’s nail down what those outcomes will look like in a bit more detail!

Outcomes you will see

  • Set deadlines and manage timelines based on strategic priorities. 
  • Ensure operational and strategic alignment within your team.
  • Create presentations to monitor team performance and report on high level outcomes to senior leadership. 
  • Delegate work required to realize outcomes. 
  • Effectively manage team resources by leveraging full visibility over people assets like bandwidth and workload.
  • Take advantage of observability to recognize high performance.
  • Manage timelines and resources so you can make granular adjustments to ensure completion of key deliverables. 
  • Effectively communicate the impact of your team’s work.
  • Design reports to provide data and context to leadership in order to secure resources and prove progress.

Your 30/60/90 plan

First 30 days

Ensure that your team has been created in Cascade and has the necessary plans created and assigned to it. 
Work with your strategy team to make sure your team’s plans have been equipped with the necessary focus areas or priorities. 
Define your team’s key outcomes, and connect them to the metrics that your team owns.

By 60 days

Define the work associated with your key outcomes, and create the necessary projects, actions, and measures in Cascade. 
Assign your plan’s success criteria to the correct team members and ensure that the deadlines created in Cascade are accurate. 
Collaborate with your program manager and team members to integrate Cascade with your team’s most important tools (where their work is managed and where they collaborate/communicate).

By 90 days

Create reports for each of your team members so that you can have visibility over their performance. 
Create a report for your team so that you can manage performance and ensure your key deliverables are completed. Use this report in your team meeting!
Create a report to summarize the key outcomes of your team’s work so that you can report to your leadership team and have visibility over challenges and required resources. 

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