KPI Cheat Sheets

KPI Cheat Sheet Library

Check out our huge collection of KPI examples for almost any industry. Download the cheat sheet for the KPIs that you're interested in the most - 100% free.

KPIs for Finance

Not just for finance teams - these KPIs are perfect for managing the overall financial health of your business.

KPIs for Sales

If you do any kind of sales - you need these KPIs. Get the best performance from your sales team with the right KPIs.

KPIs for Marketing

These marketing KPIs will help with everything from acquiring new business to measuring the performance of your public website.

KPIs for Customer Service

These Customer Service KPIs help you to manage your CS team as well as ensure your customers are happy with your service.

KPIs for HR Teams

These HR KPIs are all about measuring the happiness and efficiency of your people - whether your organization is large or small.

KPIs for Health & Safety

Health and Safety KPI examples will help keep your organization running smoothly by measuring what matters the most.

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