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Drowning in ever-growing requirement numbers and red tape. Limited staff. A disconnect between research, production, and recruitment planning. Slow, disorganized execution. Sound familiar? Let’s fix that together.

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Join the most progressive healthcare organizations and brands in aligning key priorities to day-to-day projects with Cascade

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Give your strategy a health check. Improve cost-effectiveness, alignment, and patient outcomes.

Don’t let strategy blindness derail the execution of your vision. Putting strategy at the center of your workflow ensures every team knows the WHY behind what they are doing. Cascade is where you can create, execute & track your strategies, across all teams so they know where to focus, getting more of the right work done.

Healthcare planning platform

Zero ‘all over the place’.
More ’all in it together’.

  • Connect every unit, small and large with one healthcare vision with Cascade.
  • Assign focus areas for each team, goals for every member, and tasks to complete with context.
  • Create a strategy uniquely designed for your team.
  • Shatter silos across teams. Hand everyone your healthcare plan-from Senior Managers to Lab Interns.
  • Break down manufacturing and operational activities into bite-sized actions. Measure, validate, and prioritize.
  • View the entire journey from strategy to execution, any way you need.
healthcare planning platform
healthcare strategy execution software

Healthcare execution platform

Live alongside your strategy.

  • Slice your large-scale healthcare agendas & plans into bite-sized objectives, projects and goals. Measure, validate and prioritize.
  • Teams know what to do, what to prioritize and what timelines to keep in mind, ensuring organized execution.
  • View tasks in customized ways & know who’s working on what, and what is a priority.
  • Create and automatically track smart goals for every team and individual. Track alignment of goals in one place.
  • Prioritize the most valuable tasks which enable your strategy.

Healthcare management platform

Know what’s working.
Solve what isn't.

  • Customized reports summarize in seconds what would normally take weeks to gather. Personalize reporting level to people, teams, or departments. Gain clear insights that drive progress.
  • Gain clear insights into each area of the health system, from the top-most priorities down to individual performance.
  • See strategic interconnections at every level. Visualize misalignment and risks before they happen. Define the probability of strategy success.
  • Tangibly gauge the impact on patient satisfaction, research capabilities, quality metrics, and more.
  • Bring your strategy to any meeting for contextual decision support and proactive scenario planning.
healthcare management software
“Cascade is a cool tool. I used to put things in Excel, but it was so hard to keep up with. Cascade is very defined and easy to use.”

Dr. Jayne Moschella
Executive Vice President & Provost

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Your healthcare strategy - cascading into action.

See how we make execution your reality.

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Healthcare has its challenges.

Healthcare is under constant pressure to perform and to do more with less. We have worked with some of the biggest healthcare providers, and understand the common issues faced by all departments and leaders day to day.

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Fix the real lack of visibility

Ditch decades-old processes with floating documents and centralize in the cloud, where EVERYONE can engage.


Everyone does things differently, making alignment difficult.

Cascade leverages a standard framework tailored to your entire system so that everyone can focus on OUTCOMES, rather than LANGUAGE.


Dealing with high turnover and a pretty complex org structure?

Every region, hospital, department, etc. has a workspace unique to them. We’ll work with you to establish exactly how alignment should work across the board. Plug people in and out of the strategy without losing focus on the big picture.


Interoperability is important to us.

Leverage a “central source of truth” for strategy. Push key goal updates from MS Teams, integrate timelines with your calendar, and push essential data from Tableau or your EMR.


Digital transformation is a top priority.

Instant, dynamic board-level views combine with as-needed drill-downs to give context behind company-wide health scoring. Cascade itself plays a huge part in your digital transformation.

Boards, administrators, and healthcare workers love Cascade.

A strategy execution platform that aligns & unlocks potential across teams, uncovers insights throughout departments, and reveals opportunities for improvement from the top down and ground up.

The cascading relationship of strategic objectives, goals & activities, and the ability to link them to multiple objectives, with easy tools to track progress & produce reports. It keeps our senior team focused on the "big picture."

Executive in Mental Health Care
Mid Market Enterprise

The functionality is intuitive to the needs of strategic planning professionals and their teams. Having the different plan interfaces and work boards allows for users to jump into exactly what they need then and there.

Administrator in Hospital & Health Care
Mid Market Enterprise

Hard data. Easy sync.

Unlike a BI tool, Cascade gives you a unique birds eye view of your strategy by layering data with project tracking to give you insights you never thought possible.. Make informed decisions with data from 1000+ apps.


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