Strategic Planning Software for Higher Education & Universities.

Join the most innovative colleges and universities in aligning key priorities to day-to-day projects with Cascade.
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Join the most prestigious institutions organizations aligning key priorities to day-to-day projects with Cascade

Strategic planning software for higher education that ensures your vision travels up and down your university ladder.

Make sure every person helping to make your vision a reality actually knows how they make a difference, and broadcast real outcomes to your future students and faculty! Align every department, faculty, and staff member to your university vision & empower every department to execute goals. Monitor and achieve strategic objectives without chaos.

Strategic Planning

Plan your way, and turn chaos into clarity.

Connect your entire university to your strategy with Cascade. Assign focus areas for each faculty, goals for every staff member and projects to complete with context. Transform Chaos into Clarity.
Get organized. No more ad hoc spreadsheets.
Super-charge a strategy centered on your institutions priorities.
Shatter siloes across teams. Align everyone to your strategy and empower them to contribute.
Break down large-scale visions into bite-sized actions and measures your people can relate to.
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Strategic Execution

Live alongside your strategy.

Break your strategy down into a series of projects with Cascade. Suddenly, your team knows what to do, what to prioritize and what timelines to keep in mind. Ensure organized execution- semester after semester.
Know which actions to execute today, which are lagging and what’s shipped already
Create and automatically track smart goals for every team. Put tabs on whether goals are aligned without switching tabs.
View tasks in customized ways and know who’s working on what.
Crush those projects that drive the strategy forward
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Strategic Management

Know what’s working.
Solve what isn't.

Customized reports summarize in seconds what would normally take weeks to gather. Personalize reporting level to people, teams or departments. Gain clear insights that drive progress.
Use filters and automated goal tracking to create relevant reports.  No more PPT-building or glueing bits and pieces manually- just Cascade it.
Save critical data with Snapshots and share for team-wide insight. Run weekly meetings with the view that makes sense for your faculty.
See strategic interconnections at every level . Visualize misalignment and risks before they happen. Define the probability of strategy success.
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The big shift is everyone structured, with information in one place.

The single biggest benefit that Cascade brought to the University of Sydney, was cohesion and structure to the myriad of strategic work and project management taking place.
Katy McEwen
Strategy Advisor

Your education strategy - cascading into action.

#1 Rated Strategy Execution Platform
Less chaos. Better Decisions. Faster Results.

Higher Education has its challenges.

Universities and Higher Education are under constant pressure to perform and to do more with less. We have worked with some of the most prestigious higher education institutions, and understand the common issues faced by all departments and leaders day today.

Fix the real lack of visibility

Ditch decades-old processes with floating documents and centralize in the cloud, where EVERYONE can engage.

Everyone does things differently, making alignment difficult.

Leverage a standard framework tailored to your entire system so that we focus on OUTCOMES, rather than LANGUAGE.

Dealing with high turnover and a pretty complex org structure?

Every region, college, department, etc. has a workspace unique to them. We’ll work with you to establish exactly how alignment should work across the board. Plug people in and out of the strategy without losing focus on the big picture.

No-one wants to deal with cases of double-work.

Leverage a “central source of truth” for strategy. Push commentary from MS Teams, integrate timelines with your calendar, and bring key metrics into the context of your strategy

Digital transformation is a top priority.

Instant, dynamic board-level views combine with as-needed drill-downs to give context behind school-wide health scoring. Cascade itself is part of digital transformation.

Boards, administrators, and educators all love to work in Cascade.

A strategy execution platform that aligns & unlocks potential across teams, uncovers insights throughout departments, and reveals opportunities for improvement from the top down and ground up.
Our strategies are now centralized within Cascade, and our employees are trained and excited about working on their goals and KPIs in one place
Teresa D.
Cascade saves us a lot of time and effort. We are able to be much more efficient and effective in achieving our goals.
Julie Russell
It was such a great event, often you can feel disconnected in a virtual forum, but not this time. The audience was just as engaged as the panelists. Kudos again Cascade!
Marvena St. Agathe
Bank of America

Your strategy watch-tower.

Cascade syncs with your tech stack so all your data stays updated without silos. Make informed decisions with data from 1000+ apps.
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Execute with confidence


Questions? We have answers.

We don’t really track metrics like revenue, margins, etc...all that stuff other companies track. Is that a problem?
Not at all. You’d be surprised how many private companies don’t track a lot of that stuff well, either :) Cascade is designed to let you track qualitative action progress to completion, too. Even if you don’t have a single measure/KPI to track today, you will still instantly get insights from Cascade as you enter your goals. Our team can also help coach you on basic metric tracking, too (see this article to get a head start!).
Our Board/leadership team is very used to seeing very specific views during quarterly reviews. Can we ensure they will get similar reporting from Cascade?
Our team has seen just about any kind of reporting you can imagine, and there is almost always a way to get something close to what was familiar before. Having a dynamic space like Cascade creates an opportunity to bring these meetings and visuals into the future. That said, you can always grab exports and visuals from Cascade to incorporate into presentations as a back-up. Regardless, your reports and commentary are all getting compiled automatically and this makes preparation much easier!
Not everyone across our schools/departments thinks about strategy in a structured way. How would we deal with this?
Every workspace in Cascade can be tailored specifically to a team, and we can work together on coming up with a minimum standard framework to help bring them together regardless of differences. Some groups will have very robust plans, and others will just have a handful of goals. There is no perfect way to set goals for your group - the important thing is getting everything in one place to spur collaboration and alignment, and evolve from there!
Can Cascade help us with satisfying accreditation requirements?
Absolutely - we have customers across the board using accreditation plans, tagging initiatives throughout their strategies with accreditation requirements, etc...plenty of ways to instantly show what your university is doing to justify accreditation.

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