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Introducing Strategic OKRs™

OKRs have evolved. Retrofitted with context and alignment to help you hit your goals faster. Don’t settle for less.
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Raising the curtains on Strategic OKRs

OKRs are a relic of the 20th century. Loved by the leadership, despised by the rest. We took a spanner to this popular goal-setting framework and gave it more than a facelift.
Cascade is the highest rated strategic planning platform.
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Adapt OKRs to fit your company culture
End the steep learning curve and OKR compliance wars. Shape OKRs to fit your company culture. Add elements that work for your strategy execution.
Bridge the gap between objectives and key results
’On track’ should be a foresight, and not a hindsight. Make actions a key part of your goal-setting. Give clarity to your employees on how their everyday actions move the needle.
Know where your business is heading
Leave surprises to the birthday parties. Connect work to your strategy. Be proactive about business results. Adapt before it’s too late.

Cascade users were asked about their strategy execution.

*From a external survey conducted by Momentive with over 1,750 respondents.
Reported being on track with their strategy
Felt their everyday work was connected to the strategy
Felt everyone was working towards the same goal

Communicate your vision with strategic OKRs

Start with your vision. Break it down into ambitious objectives and focus areas for your teams. Give your teams clarity on the what, how, and why with structured plans.
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Align your teams to your company OKRs

Align your teams to collaborate across all areas of the business. Link OKRs to your company strategy. See how everyday actions contribute to overall objectives. Identify and support offshoots.
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Adapt your plans without breaking a sweat

Get comfortable with changing priorities. Manage risk and course-correct as needed. Keep all stakeholders in the loop with timely notifications and updates.
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Measure progress and performance en voyage

Painlessly track and report progress. Maintain a single source of truth for your people, performance, and work data. Celebrate actions that move the needle. Have meaningful conversations around performance.
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OKR pioneers love Cascade

I'm excited to walk into our strategy kick off with a structure in place at both a corporate level and an operational level.

Our teams have ideas, objectives and actions but they are all different levels of maturity. We need a better way to bring alignment to what our operational teams are working on, and aligning it to our group strategic priorities. We were introduced to Cascade to give us a more holistic view of programs to monitor and measure. What I can see in Cascade from the Highways team is an incredible piece of work.
Kirstin H
Enterprise planning manager, Wintec

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