Cascade for Portfolio Management

Maximize returns from your portfolio

Manage your programs and project portfolios with ease. Promote meaningful outcomes. Prioritize and focus resources on work that moves the needle.
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Leave the grind behind. Glide with a dedicated PPM software.

Modern PMOs are more than just a custodian of projects. They’re synonymous with strategy and brutal about their portfolio returns. Cascade is purpose-built for these Strategic PMOs.
Cascade is the highest rated strategic planning platform 13 times in a row.
4.9 stars, 100+ reviews
Adapt to a workplace full of technology and tools
Chasing updates is a relic of the past. Let your teams work on their favorite tools. Connect them with Cascade to automatically fetch updates, data, and progress information.
Sense disruptions on the frontlines sooner
Identify the precursors to risks. Prevent delays and derails with preventive measures. Highlight resource gaps and constraints to the right stakeholders in time.
Be known for getting it done faster
Step out of administrative activities holding you back. Drive governing policies and execution standards for teams in your organization. Ensure on-time, on-budget delivery with operational rigour.

Cascade users were asked about their strategy execution.

Reported being on track with their strategy
Felt their everyday work was connected to the strategy
Felt everyone was working towards the same goal
*From a external survey conducted by Momentive with over 1,750 respondents.

Monitor your entire portfolio in one place

Get a top-level view of your portfolio health. Create a consolidated view of your resources, capabilities, funding, and gaps. Track performance against targets, budget, and timeline.
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Build quick reports for every stakeholder

Weekly presentation. Monthly deep dive. Ad-hoc reviews. Generate reports in different flavors in minutes. Keep everyone in the loop about critical information.
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Run programs on a treadmill

Define program objectives and break them down into measures and actions. Identify risks, dependencies, and gaps before they become a big fire.
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Make your tools work like a synchronized orchestra

Let work happen where it’s supposed to. Fetch accurate data from more than 1000 tools with integrations. Automagically update progress or create visualizations from external data.
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Try the #1 Strategic Planning Platform

Strategic PMOs love Cascade

I've been looking for this app for 20 years.

Finally, an app that takes the big picture seriously. I've been looking for a project portfolio management app for a management-by-projects approach that begins with strategic planning.

Cascade is a holistic strategy app, integrating strategy planning and strategy execution, two aspects or dimensions of strategy that shouldn't be bifurcated or dissociated into separate apps to begin with.
Jeff N
Business Owner

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Successful strategies thrive in Cascade.

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