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Connect your strategy and funding to outcomes and everyday execution. Link strategic plans across teams. Empower your teams to work together on the strategy.
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The #1 Rated Strategic Planning Software

Cascade has been rated as the Leader in the Strategic Planning – 13 times in a row. Get the peace of mind to focus on your results. We’ll take care of the rest.
Cascade is the highest rated strategic planning platform.
4.9 stars, 100+ reviews
No more silos
Align your teams behind a shared purpose
Alignment is not a pipe dream anymore. Connect your teams’ plans together. Give them visibility on how their daily efforts make a difference for the business.
Bring all your tools in one place
Chasing updates is a relic of the past. Let your teams work on their favorite tools. Connect them with Cascade to automatically fetch updates, data, and progress information.
Strategy experts
The best-of-the-best behind you
With Cascade, you get our team of heavy hitters in your corner. Strategy execution principals, success coaches, and troubleshooters – all rooting for your success and available to you.

Cascade users were asked about their strategy execution.

*From a external survey conducted by Momentive with over 1,750 respondents.
Reported being on track with their strategy
Felt their everyday work was connected to the strategy
Felt everyone was working towards the same goal

Get all your teams on the same page, finally!

Ensure everyone is making progress in the same direction. Track projects and shine a light on teams that aren’t aligned to your strategy. and shine a light on teams that aren’t aligned to your strategy.
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More time on work that moves the needle.

Make it simple for your employees to know what their priorities are. Save hours spent each month on creating reports, and review meetings that could simply be an update on Cascade.
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Bird’s eye view to the ground in seconds.

Connect your favorite tools and unify all data in one place. Get powerful insights on strategy, performance, and people so you can be confident when you make decisions.
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Adapt fast in the face of change.

Respond to change – whether it’s external or internal. Get notified when your plans are at risk. Make adjustments and keep all stakeholders in the loop.
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Strategic planners love Cascade

I'm excited to walk into our strategy kick off with a structure in place at both a corporate level and an operational level.

Our teams have ideas, objectives and actions but they are all different levels of maturity. We need a better way to bring alignment to what our operational teams are working on, and aligning it to our group strategic priorities. We were introduced to Cascade to give us a more holistic view of programs to monitor and measure. What I can see in Cascade from the Highways team is an incredible piece of work.
Kirstin H
Enterprise planning manager, Wintec

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