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Transform your organization

Launch your transformation strategy with confidence. Change the course of history for your organization with unstoppable strategy execution.
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Leave a legacy behind

75% transformation programs end don’t succeed. The ones that do, change the course of history. Leave your legacy tools behind to give your strategy a winning chance.

Cascade is the highest rated strategic planning platform 13 times in a row.
4.9 stars, 100+ reviews
No more silos
Align your teams behind a shared purpose
Alignment is crucial to make transformation happen. Connect your teams’ plans together. Show them how their daily efforts are transforming the organization.
Bring all your tools in one place
Chasing updates is a thing of the past. Let your teams work on their favorite tools. Connect them with Cascade to automatically fetch updates, data, and progress information.
Strategy experts
The best-of-the-best behind you
With Cascade, you get our team of heavy hitters in your corner. Strategy execution principals, success coaches, and troubleshooters – all rooting for your success and available to you.

Cascade users were asked about their strategy execution.

*From a external survey conducted by Momentive with over 1,750 respondents.
Reported being on track with their strategy
Felt their everyday work was connected to the strategy
Felt everyone was working towards the same goal

Create clear plans for each team

Communicate the what, how, and why of transformation. Give your teams to collaborate across the business. Align their plans to your transformation strategy.
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Build quick reports for every stakeholder

Weekly presentation. Monthly deep dive. Ad-hoc reviews. Generate reports in different flavors in minutes. Keep everyone in the loop about critical information.
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Adapt quickly as the world shifts around you

See signs of change from a mile away. Assess all scenarios to make the right decisions. Update your objectives without disrupting your operations.
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Make your tools work like a synchronized orchestra

Let work happen where it’s supposed to. Fetch accurate data from more than 1000 tools with integrations. Automagically update progress or create visualizations from external data.
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Transformation experts love Cascade

I'm excited to walk into our strategy kick off with a structure in place at both a corporate level and an operational level.

Our teams have ideas, objectives and actions but they are all different levels of maturity. We need a better way to bring alignment to what our operational teams are working on, and aligning it to our group strategic priorities. We were introduced to Cascade to give us a more holistic view of programs to monitor and measure. What I can see in Cascade from the Highways team is an incredible piece of work.
Kirstin H
Enterprise planning manager, Wintec

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