June 12
11 am ET

Bridging the gap between strategy & operation

Learn alongside Cascade’s customers

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About Strategy Bytes

Connect the dots between your long term strategy and the work being done by your operational teams. Build a strategy culture that guarantees everyone is on the same page, and work being done across the organization impacts the bottom line and moves your organization closer to your ideal future state.

What you'll take away

Detailed Rules of Engagement

Understand how to create a strong set of rules of engagement that will close the gap between operational work and strategy.

Understanding of Operational vs. Strategic

Develop a baseline understanding of the types of plans that are important for a business’ success and how they fit together.

Practical Tools & Approaches

Participants will leave equipped with practical tools and approaches that can be immediately applied within their teams to foster a culture of alignment and accountability, leading to improved performance.

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Bec Lee

STRATEGY Education Manager
at Cascade
Bec designs and implements educational programs to enhance strategic thinking and decision-making skills within an organization. She works closely with leadership teams to identify learning needs, develop curriculum, and deliver training sessions. Bec's role also involves evaluating the effectiveness of these programs and continuously improving them to ensure they align with the organization's goals and objectives.

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What is cascade?

The centralized platform used to plan, execute, and track your strategy.


What are Strategy Bytes?
Strategy Bytes are the ultimate forum for exploration into the ever-evolving landscape of strategic success.
Who should attend the Startegy Bytes?
Strategy Bytes are virtual events that welcome business professionals who care about making strategy happen in their organizations.
When is the event?
Strategy Sprint, Manufacturing Edition is on June 12 at 11 am ET. It's online, and it's free. You will receive the access link with the confirmation email.
Will the event be recorded?
The Strategy Bytes will be recorded and the recordings will be shared with everyone who has signed up to the event.
What is Cascade?
Cascade is the world's #1 strategy execution platform helping thousands of organizations make their visions happen, through building their business and departmental plans, right through to tracking and execution of initiatives, team performance and more. Our customers are redefining the world as we know it - from battling the AIDS epidemic and establishing a supply chain for COVID-19 vaccines, to building the world’s fastest Formula One car.
Love how you brought strategy to the level of “common sense and problem solving” instead of some strange secret available to a selected few.
Brent Fleming
Executive Director at Mastercard