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Tools to manage everything your organization's working on.

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Dashboards & reports to help you stay on top of your strategy.

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Learn About Strategy

Explore The Strategy Academy, the web's leading source of strategy guides, eBooks, templates & more. Learn everything you need to know about strategy & execution.

Learn About The Software

The Cascade Product Hub will walk you through all aspects of the Cascade platform and includes webinars, the knowledge base and the latest product updates.
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The World's #1 Strategic Planning Software

Create a best-practice strategic plan, bring it to life then share it with your team.

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The complete toolkit for creating, sharing, and executing your strategy

Cascade's strategic planning features are simple enough for first-time strategists, with the sophistication and flexibility to meet the needs of large enterprises.

Strategic excution from one single plan, to many!

Wether you have one plan, or multiple plans across teams, Cascade gives you alignment and trackable results to help you grow!

Create your strategic plan with a drag & drop interface

Strategic planning is made easy with a drag and drop planning template that you can quickly customize to fit your needs.

Bring your plan to life with visualizations

Get automatically generated visual representations of your strategic plan that you can group, sort and color as you need.

Collaborate with team mates to drive maximum engagement

Add users, assign goals and work collaboratively with real-time updates, audit logs etc. Create different plans for different teams as needed.

Export your strategy to gorgeous PDF reports or detailed Excel files

Select the columns you want to include, set your look and feel, then export your strategic plan into the format you need.

Customize everything from your strategy model to custom fields

Work with our off-the-shelf setup, or go to town on adding custom fields and templates to create the perfect blueprint for your strategy.

Plan YOUR way

Unlike other strategy platforms, we don't limit you to specific models or methodologies. You can structure and build your plan in a way that fits with your team and organization - no restrictions!
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Drag & Drop Planning

A strategic planning experience built from the ground up to be fast, modern and flexible. Experience a strategic planning process that frees you up to maximize your creative thinking.
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Visualize Your Strategy

Cascade brings your strategy to life with meaningful visualizations and highly customizable views. From Cascade trees to interactive Explorer views, get ready to see and present your strategic plan in a totally new way.
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Collaborative Planning

Strategic planning should never be a solo project. Invite your team-mates, colleagues and advisors into the planning process and work together to create your strategic masterpiece.
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Gorgeous Strategy Exports

Cascade helps you create an incredible strategy - and you'll want to share it with the world. Luckily, you can export your strategy into a range of formats, with complete control over the look and feel.
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Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide
“Cascade is such a cool tool. I used to put my strategy into Excel, but it was so hard to keep up with. Cascade is very well defined and easy to use.”

Dr. Jayne Moschella
EVP & Provost, Parker University

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