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The complete solution for strategic planning, management, and tracking in healthcare.

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Don't let complex organizational structures interfere with strategic alignment between your departments.

Cascade is helping complex healthcare organizations create aligned strategic plans throughout their entire organization. Connect your HR departments strategy to your quality improvement departments strategy through shared objectives, projects, goals, and tasks.   

Break down the barriers of organizational silos once and for all.

Consolidate communication in your healthcare organization by improving trust and the flow of information with Cascade's project management features. Cascade brings strategy transparency too all levels of your organization. 

Stop wasting time compiling detailed reports that are outdated the moment they hit the desk. 

Cascade is helping healthcare organizations save time and money spent on reporting with our easy to use and robust reporting suite. Our intuitive system makes beautiful reports accessible to all. 

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Teams in Healthcare love Cascade:

Cascade Strategy G2Crowd Reviews
“The transparency up and down the ladder... the breadth that we're going to be able to see, it's very exciting!”

Tom Wattles
Spectrum Health


“We are looking forward to Cascade allowing our strategic management team to centralize and visualize our entire strategic plan, across multiple departments and regions.”

Joe Kalwitz
Business Initiatives Consultant



Strategy Dashboards

No matter the audience, you can build the perfect strategy dashboard using Cascade's highly customizable widgets. Share your dashboards with anyone you like - both inside and outside the organization.


Automated Tracking

Once you've loaded your goals, you can either track them manually, or use one of Cascade's auto-tracking features, including linking your goals to data from other systems.



Cascade handles any type of goal you want to throw at it - including projects and KPIs. So literally anything that your organization is working on, can be managed in Cascade.

Perfect for all healthcare organizations large or small:

Universities, governments, financial firms, non-profits, retail and many more.

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