Healthcare Strategy Template

A holistic healthcare strategic plan template with objectives, initiatives, metrics, and actionable steps to achieving your goals.
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Healthcare Strategy Template

What Is A Healthcare Strategy?

A healthcare strategy is a comprehensive plan or approach that outlines the goals, objectives, and actionable steps an organization or healthcare provider will take to achieve to reach company goals and provide the best possible patient outcomes. It often focuses on the best practices involved in delivering efficient medical care to patients and bettering the health infrastructure for society.

What's Included In This Healthcare Strategy Template?

This template is pre-filled with examples, which you can use as inspiration for your own healthcare strategy.

  • 4x Healthcare Strategy Focus Areas
  • 11x Healthcare Strategy Objectives
  • 15x Healthcare Strategy Projects
  • 14x Healthcare Strategy KPIs

OOnce you have set your template, you can also create dashboards for real-time performance monitoring.

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Who Is This Healthcare Strategy Template For?

In healthcare, strategies involve various stakeholders at different levels of the organization. Corporate strategy involves executive leaders, business-level strategy involves department or service line managers, and functional-level strategy supports day-to-day operations involving team members.

Healthcare templates like this will be most beneficial to healthcare and human service managers, including professionals who plan, monitor, and coordinate medical services. The versatility of this template extends to healthcare facilities and institutions operating across private and public health sectors.

How Is This Healthcare Strategy Template Relevant To Your Organization?

Implementing healthcare strategies systematically enhances communication and efficiency across all levels of your organization, fostering better decision-making and outcomes.

This strategy template is particularly valuable for diverse entities, including expansive government agencies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical clinics. By using this template, you can align your efforts, enhance collaboration, and navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape effectively.

5 Steps To Set Up Your Healthcare Strategy Template

1. Define clear examples of your focus areas

A focus area is a clearly defined section within your organization's practice that can be closely analyzed and worked on to meet goals and targets.

The best way to devise focus areas for your healthcare strategy would be to think of 4 top areas that need to be worked on and need a devisable strategy.

A few examples of some focus areas within a strategy template could be:

  • Financial infrastructure
  • Innovation
  • Research
  • Patient care
  • Employee efficiency

💡Pro Tip: To ensure the success of your healthcare strategy, ensure that your focus areas are closely related to your organization’s vision and mission statements. By focusing on these important aspects, you'll make significant progress toward achieving your organization's broader objectives.

2. Think about the objectives that could fall under that focus area

A strategic objective within this healthcare strategy template involves setting targets associated with a specific focus area.

The main intention of ensuring each focus area has sufficient objectives is to provide clear goals and outlines that will reach your vision statement. An example of an objective within the focus area of “financial infrastructure” can be “to develop the internal and external infrastructure to support the healthcare system better.”

3. Set key performance indicators (KPIs) to tackle the objective

Many organizations forget that after setting your objective, it’s important to set KPIs to measure your progress in achieving the set objectives.

KPIs are also important in allowing employees to take accountability and responsibility for their projects and ensuring the job at hand gets done.

An example of a KPI for the objective “Develop the internal and external infrastructure to support the healthcare system better” could be “Increase budgetary spending for health to 3% GNP.”

đź’ˇPro Tip: To effectively reach your KPIs, each one should include an initial and target measure, a unit of measurement, and a specific timeframe for completion. This approach guarantees that your KPIs are achievable and realistic.

👉🏻 Read our article “21 Healthcare KPIs You Should Track” for inspiration to build your own KPIs!

4. Implement related projects to achieve the KPIs

While a KPI is an example of a performance measurement system (PMS) in supporting the accomplishment of objectives and organizational initiatives, without some actionable plans, it’s impossible to measure the actual progress.

The best way to go about this would be by creating correlating projects. Projects are carried out carefully to achieve an aim, which would be the correlating objective.

Examples of projects within the healthcare strategy plan could be:

  • Establish a collaborative partnership with local health clinics
  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis for improved Telemedicine Services
  • Strengthen national policy and capacity in HCF (Hospitals Contribution Fund)
  • Engage in collaborative efforts with the Department of Health to launch public health awareness campaigns

5. Use Cascade to track and visualize performance

After you've mapped out your strategy, it's time to visualize your results.

healthcare dashboard example in cascade
Healthcare Dashboard example in Cascade.

Cascade provides your organization with tools such as real-time dashboards and reports where you can add widgets and tables to view your progress. This feature also helps you divide your KPIs and projects into separate dashboards to easily map out and divide each aspect of your strategic plan.

đź’ˇPro Tip: You can use these functionalities to create executive summaries and other reports tailored to your specific stakeholders.

What Are The Benefits Of A Healthcare Strategy Template?

It helps streamline objectives

A healthcare strategy template is a roadmap helping you align operational activities with top-level business objectives. It provides a framework to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

McKesson, a healthcare company founded in 1883, changed ownership several times during its long history, getting involved in scandals and suffering from incompetent leadership along the way. However, the company always retained its core objectives and has grown to be one of the largest healthcare companies in the US, achieving the 7th Rank in Fortune 500 Companies for 2021.

With a healthcare strategy template, you can achieve the same laser-sharp focus as McKesson and ensure your team’s activities align with the core objectives.

It provides structure to the business planning process

A template helps you structure your healthcare strategy so that it’s easier to present to stakeholders. And while it won't magically fix a bad strategy, it will help others understand what you're trying to do and get everyone on the same page. This, in turn, will improve the feedback process and help refine your strategy for better execution.

It enhances team communication

Templates provide a common platform to discuss healthcare strategies, share information, and collaborate. It gives everyone a clear idea of future actions and increases responsibility among team members, creating clarity that fosters confidence and faith in the organization.

It supports strategic alignment

A strategy template promotes cross-collaboration among different healthcare functions. It helps departments determine how their roles are interconnected and crucial to achieving company objectives. You also gain increased visibility in areas where you must allocate financial resources.

💡Pro Tip: With Cascade’s Alignment Map feature you can visualize how your different plans work together. This tool helps illustrate the breakdown of your corporate strategy into operational and functional plans, providing a clear overview of their relationships.

cascade alignment map view example
Example of an alignment map in Cascade.

It enables strategic insights

KPIs provide a quantifiable measure of how well the organization is achieving its goals and objectives. A strategy template contains the relevant KPIs aligned with your overall company objectives. By tracking healthcare performance through KPIs, you can better understand your progress and identify areas for improvement.

It promotes accountability  

Templates provide healthcare professionals with a shared understanding of their responsibilities and a means to track their progress. It creates a sense of purpose within the organization, as everyone knows their role in determining the outcome.

Develop Your Healthcare Strategy With Cascade 🚀

Work smarter, not harder. Achieve more with your healthcare strategy without burying your head in static spreadsheets, messy reports, and never-ending presentations. By using Cascade’s Strategy Execution Platform, you can streamline your strategy execution processes to save time, reduce errors, and drive better patient outcomes.

Whether you’re a small clinic or an extensive hospital system, Cascade helps you quickly develop and execute your healthcare strategy. Close the gap between planning and execution and see how Cascade helps you deliver the fastest business outcome.

Other Types Of Healthcare Strategy Templates In Our Library

The healthcare industry is extensive, with various sub-fields requiring their separate strategy. We have prepared different healthcare strategy templates to match your exact needs.

Healthcare Corporate Strategy

Define the overarching strategy for your healthcare organization with the help of our Healthcare Corporate Strategy template. This template ensures your organization’s actions are strategically aligned with corporate goals and successfully executed.

Healthcare Strategy Plan

Create a comprehensive, long-term plan for your healthcare organization with the help of our Healthcare Strategy Plan template. This template outlines your objectives, goals, and actions to achieve your company’s desired outcomes.

Hospital Strategy

The Hospital Strategy template focuses on improving the healthcare system inside hospitals so patients and clients can enjoy better care. It helps executives and healthcare providers understand their hospital’s purpose and long-term goals and tie operations to the overall hospital objectives.

Medical Clinic Strategy

The Medical Clinic Strategy template helps you set measurable targets designed to optimize your medical clinic’s operations and improve patient care. It serves as a starting point to create an effective strategy for your medical practice.

Nutrition Strategy

The Nutrition Strategy template includes nutrition-specific projects and KPIs that address common issues like preventing diet-related diseases, obesity, and other health issues.

Physician Clinic Strategy

Running a clinic is no walk in the park, with patients coming in with all sorts of illnesses. The Physician Clinic Strategy template is designed to help you improve your clinic’s performance so you can develop a customized strategy that delivers the best patient experience.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Strategy template helps you align your resources, capabilities, and actions with the needs and expectations of your customers, regulators, and stakeholders. It contains sample focus areas, objectives, projects, and KPIs designed to guide your strategic planning process.

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