Leadership Development Strategy Template

A strategic plan to identify the qualifications and quantities of leaders needed within an organization.
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Leadership Development Strategy Template

What is a Leadership Development plan?

A Leadership Development Strategy will identify the qualifications and quantities of leaders needed across all departments and/or operations within an organization. 

What's included in this Leadership Development strategy template?

  • Leadership Development vision statement
  • 4x Leadership DevelopmentValues
  • 4x Leadership Development Focus Areas
  • 12x Leadership Development Objectives
  • 19x Digital Transformation Projects
  • 18x Digital Transformation KPIs

Who is this Leadership Development plan for?

This Leadership Development plan can be used by individuals higher up in the organizational hierarchy but can then be implemented throughout the organizational structure. 

How is this Leadership Development template relevant to your organization?

Your organization can use this Leadership Development template to review the areas of success to target to devise leadership competencies needed to sustain an organizational culture, strategy, and leadership style. 

1. Define clear examples of your focus areas

Areas of focus define the activities you want to achieve within your larger strategic plan. We recommend that you should ideally aim to create 4 focus areas that can help break down your larger organizational and strategic goal. 

Examples of strategic focus areas that could fall under a Leadership Development Plan could be Organizational Initiatives; Succession Planning; Team Performance and Leadership Quality. 

2. Think about the objectives that could fall under that focus area

Goals and objectives are possibly the first steps in setting up a foundation for the strategic plan you seek to achieve. Writing up accurate strategic objectives that align with your organization's vision and values is essential in letting your team and you know what needs to be accomplished. 

Examples of strategic objectives under the focus area Succession Planning could be Successfully launched version 6 of the main product; Assist all employees at all levels to advance and Utilize digital platforms to facilitate efficient and improved ways of working. 

3. Set yourself measurable targets (KPIs) to tackle the objective

Each objective can have several KPIs that are measurable metrics that can assist your team and you to meet your goal in a timely manner. Not only can you delegate specific KPIs to different members of your team but also you can set specific time frames that you want each team member to complete those goals in. 

A couple of examples of KPIs for the objective Achieve record revenues while increasing profitability could be Reduce operating expenses; Achieve an increase in sales and Increase monthly ARR. 

You can also set fixed measurable targets and track the progress of those KPIs with a manual slider. 

4. Implement related projects to achieve the KPIs

Rather than just setting yourself KPIs and objectives, you should definitely be creating 2-3 projects for each objective. Projects serve as actionable plans that you can implement to quickly achieve your goals. You can devise several mini projects for each KPI or you can create a few bigger, more holistic projects to achieve your objectives. You can also set up each of your projects with a set duration to make them time-specific. 

A few examples of projects that can help create more Organizational Initiatives within your organization could be to create a project checklist; increase on-site user-testing sessions and generate an action list of company-wide improvement activities. 

5. Utilize Cascade tools to track and visualize performance

Using tools like widgets will probably be the last step in tracking your performance. Widgets can visually showcase the status and progress of your said goals and projects. Seeing your performance in a visual manner will be more useful in understanding where your team members and you stand in achieving your goals. You can then, accordingly review and refine your goals to make them more achievable or perhaps, set more objectives and KPIs. 


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