Small Business Marketing Plan Template

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Small Business Marketing Plan Template

What is a Small Business Marketing Plan?

A Small Business Marketing Plan outlines the marketing goals, strategies and tactics for a business. This plan is created to help small businesses establish and reach their desired sales and marketing objectives. It is essential for any business to define their marketing goals and objectives as it helps to maximize their potential to achieve success.

What's included in this Small Business Marketing Plan template?


  • 3 focus areas
  • 6 objectives
  • 6 projects
  • 6 KPIs

Each focus area has its own objectives, projects, and KPIs to ensure that the strategy is comprehensive and effective.


Who is the Small Business Marketing Plan template for?

This Small Business Marketing Plan template is designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create a marketing plan for their small business. It is suitable for small businesses in any industry, whether you are just starting up or already established. This template will provide a step-by-step guide to creating a comprehensive and effective marketing plan.

1. Define clear examples of your focus areas

A focus area is the main area of your business that you want to focus on and improve. Your focus area should be based on your business goals and objectives. Examples of focus areas may include increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, or increasing customer loyalty.

2. Think about the objectives that could fall under that focus area

An objective is the specific goal you want to achieve in each focus area. Examples of objectives may include increasing website visits, increasing customer purchases, or increasing customer satisfaction.

3. Set measurable targets (KPIs) to tackle the objective

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable target that is set to achieve the objectives within the focus areas. Examples of KPIs may include increasing website visits from 500 to 1000, increasing customer purchases from 200 to 10,000, or increasing customer satisfaction rate from 50% to 70%.

4. Implement related projects to achieve the KPIs

A project (action) is an activity or set of activities that are designed to help you achieve the KPIs set under each objective. Examples of projects may include developing a content marketing plan, increasing relevant content creation, or offering promotions and discounts.

5. Utilize Cascade Strategy Execution Platform to see faster results from your strategy

Cascade Strategy Execution Platform is an online platform designed to help small businesses create and execute effective marketing plans. Cascade provides a suite of tools to help you create, track, and measure the success of your marketing plan. It also allows you to track your progress and make adjustments as needed to ensure you are achieving your desired results.

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