Vision Statement Plan Template

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Vision Statement Plan Template

What is a Vision Statement Plan?

A Vision Statement Plan is a strategic plan template for leaders and teams to plan their step-by-step process of defining and creating a clear and concise vision statement that outlines the organization's goals and aspirations. This template allows teams to focus on their goals, create actionable tasks, measure progress and track performance to ensure that the vision statement is properly implemented.

What's included in this Vision Statement Plan template?


  • 3 focus areas
  • 6 objectives
  • 6 projects
  • 6 KPIs

Each focus area has its own objectives, projects, and KPIs to ensure that the strategy is comprehensive and effective.


Who is the Vision Statement Plan template for?

This Vision Statement Plan template is designed to help leaders and teams create a strategic plan that outlines their vision statement and goal objectives. It is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations, who want to define and effectively implement a vision statement to drive their future success.

1. Define clear examples of your focus areas

A focus area is a broad concept or goal that you want to address in your Vision Statement Plan. Once you have identified the focus areas, you can then define objectives that fall under each focus area.

Examples of strategic focus areas that could fall under a Vision Statement Plan could be: Develop an effective vision statement, and Implement the vision statement.

2. Think about the objectives that could fall under that focus area

Objectives are specific goals that you want to achieve under each focus area. For example, under the focus area “Develop an effective vision statement”, objectives could include creating a clear, concise mission statement and ensuring that the mission statement is aligned with organizational goals.

3. Set measurable targets (KPIs) to tackle the objective

KPIs (key performance indicators) are measurable targets that you set in order to track progress and performance against your objectives. For example, under the objective “Ensure mission statement is aligned with organizational goals”, you could set a KPI of achieving a mission statement satisfaction rating of 80%.

4. Implement related projects to achieve the KPIs

Projects (actions) are activities that you undertake in order to achieve your KPIs. For example, under the KPI “Achieve a mission statement satisfaction rating of 80%”, the project could be to analyze and revise the mission statement. Another example of a project related to Develop an effective vision statement could be: Hold a team-wide brainstorming session.

5. Utilize Cascade Strategy Execution Platform to see faster results from your strategy

Cascade Strategy Execution Platform enables you to create, implement, and track the progress of your Vision Statement Plan. By using Cascade, you can quickly and easily track progress against objectives, set measurable targets and review performance to ensure that your vision statement is effectively implemented.

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