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Launching Now: Advanced Integrations

Advanced Integrations enable seamless connections between Cascade and other tools in your software ecosystem. While we’ve had a few standout Integrations for a while, we’ve beefed up our offering to include more support for workflow automation as well as custom integrations.
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Cascade Team
March 20, 2024

How would Advanced Integrations Help Me?

Strategy touches every area of your business, but teams often work across various systems to track and record the programs of work happening that contribute to your strategy. Without a system of centralization, you're left searching out information that doesn't always exist, leaving you with little background for effective decision-making.  By integrating, you can get a full picture of how your strategy is tracking at any given time, regardless of the system.

How can I use Advanced Integrations?

  • Centralize your metrics: Align your core business metrics to your strategy automatically. Imagine this: your Metrics Library in Cascade automatically adds and updates metrics from tools like Snowflake, Redshift, Tableau, or PowerBI.
  • Align your initiatives: Automatically track work progress, no matter what tool your team uses. Think of all the time your team can save when their action progress and health automatically update based on changes made in tools like, Asana, Jira, or Smartsheets.
  • Made for you: Create integrations with any and all of the solutions in your tech ecosystem. Get creative and set the stage for transformation. Set up a powerhouse multi-step integration with ERP systems like SAP or ticketing systems like ServiceNow to push metrics and program updates straight to Cascade.

How do I set it up?

Reach out to your CSM to begin the process and scope your specific needs with one of our expert Solutions. Engineers (SEs). How the connection takes shape really depends on which tool (or tools) you want to connect with Cascade, but our SEs are there to advise you on the right setup each step of the way.

Who can access this?

Certain types of Integrations are only available for certain Cascade tiers. To verify which types of integrations you have access to, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, review our Pricing Page or contact our Support Team.

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