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Get total visibility into your strategy execution with Relationships

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Update by 
Cascade Team
March 27, 2023

Is delayed launch of a real-time fleet location app a blocker to building a scalable network platform for interconnected fleets? Maybe allocate more resources to launch the app faster.

Does improving supplier quality ratings contribute to boosting company’s cash flow and margins?Maybe prioritize such initiatives to enhance financial liquidity and profitability.

Miss having such visibility into your initiatives to take informed decisions?

Introducing Relationships!

Gain visibility into your organization's execution web by seeing how initiatives are connected and affect one another. Prioritize critical initiatives, drop misaligned or duplicate projects, allocate resources to high-impact initiatives, and assign budget to maximize returns.

Now, you can define relationships between your objectives, measures, actions, and projects from the sidebar.

P.S. Hold tight. It just gets better! In a few days, you’ll be able to see relationships represented on the alignment map.

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