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Reports Updates Wrap-Up

You may have noticed, but we've been working hard on improving reports lately. If you've missed anything, here's a quick wrap up of everything that's been released lately.
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Update by 
Cascade Team
March 9, 2024
  • Timeline view in Discover Table - The Discover Table is our most dynamic reporting option yet - and now you can take this flexibility a step further by changing how your data displays to a timeline. The Timeline View allows you to review your Reports in a Gannt-style visual.
  • Goal Description column available for Discover Table - Bring context front and center! You can now pull goal descriptions directly into the Discover Table.
  • Display Numbers setting available in all charts Easily surface details by enabling 'display numbers' on every chart in reports, making it easier than ever to identify trends, spot bottlenecks, and take advantage of opportunities.
  • New widget position in Reports - No more disrupted workflows. When you add a new widget to a report, it will populate directly where you are in the report.
  • Linked objectives counted in charts - Get the whole story. Charts in dashboards and reports now count all top level objectives, including linked objectives from other plans.
  • Custom Bar Chart Sorting Options - A, top to bottom, and reverse it. You can do it all with the ability to sort all bar and pie graph visuals ascending, descending, or in alphabetical order. Note these enhancements only apply to bar charts created as "custom."
  • Type filter for custom charts: Your team needs reports for dozens of meetings and reviews, and it just got easier to create those reports perfectly. You can now filter custom charts in your reports by Goal Type.

And don't you worry, there's even more to come here. Keep an eye out!