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Weekly Product Digest [December 19, 2023]

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Update by 
Cascade Team
December 19th, 2023


  • Access settings enabled on plan creation - sometimes, you need to keep your plans under wraps. Now, you have the option to set a plan to private on creation if you need to keep it limited to a narrower team, or plan in private.
  • Custom fields load on scroll - got a lot of custom fields? No worries! When adding custom fields to your templates, additional custom fields load on scroll and feature the custom field type on the menu so you can easily add custom fields to other templates.
  • Date filtering on objective alignment map - keep your eyes on the prize with the alignment map! Now, you can filter objectives based on date or time horizon so you can easily review the relevant information.
  • Improved focus area creation - keep your plans streamlined and aligned. When creating a new plan, you'll be prompted to add a focus area from your teams' existing focus areas or create a new one. That way, your team will have consistent focus areas throughout your plans.
  • Metrics improvements - you can now edit metrics trees from the sidebar, delete metrics more easily, and view Measures data in a cumulative or not cumulative table - enabling the easiest metric management yet.
  • Time horizons surfaced on planner view - keep everything on time and in line. If a goal has a Time Horizon assigned, it will display in bold inline on the planner so you can easily reference what's relevant when.
  • Contributing plan badge added to goal rows - get the details at a glance. When you have a contributing objective in a plan, a badge will populate that indicates the original plan the objective comes from so you know exactly how your plans fit together.