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Weekly Product Digest [February 6, 2024]

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Update by 
Cascade Team
February 6th, 2024

Featured Update - Reports

Not a video person? See the details of the Report changes below.


  • Reports - Custom Bar Chart Sorting Options: A, top to bottom, and reverse it. You can do it all with the ability to sort all bar and pie graph visuals ascending, descending, or in alphabetical order. Note these enhancements only apply to bar charts created as "custom."
  • Reports - Custom Pie Chart Labeling: Fancy a percentage, a number, or both? Take your pick because now, on pie charts in Cascade, you can select to display percentage values, raw count, or both. Note these enhancements only apply to pie charts created as "custom."
  • Reports - Custom Line Chart Labeling: Pick a number, any number. Now, all number values can be displayed on your line graph with the (literal) flip of a switch. Note these enhancements only apply to line charts created as "custom."
  • Planner - Visual Enhancements: Why not take a fresh look at your Planner? When you do, you'll notice that it's easier than ever to understand the nesting of items with better visual indentation.