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Say goodbye to
strategy spreadsheets

Plan, execute, and track your strategy in one easy-to-use platform. No more PowerPoints and spreadsheets. Get your team moving toward your vision in one central platform.
Global Freight Co
Global Freight Co
Thousands of global organizations depend on Cascade

Accelerate results by 30%.
Save millions in efficiency gains.

Average reduced spend on misaligned projects & resources
Saved every year on strategy operations
Internal teams report “On Track” with their goals
"All of our planning and monthly/quarterly governance meetings included very manual processes and had a lot of subjective material. Now we have streamlined these processes and can quantify progress and hold people accountable."
Charles Elledge
Corporate Strategy Senior Analyst
“As a complex organization, we cherish the ability to consolidate multiple operations plans into a single platform. Each team's leader is in charge of their own plan.”
Brent Fleming
Chief People Officer
“We grew net profitability over 800% through continuous improvements to our operational efficiency. With Cascade, we are creating visibility, alignment and accountability and that’s why we think it is a perfect match.”
Marius Turbatu
Corporate Development Director
“Before Cascade, 'strategic alignment' was just a concept. Cascade has changed the work that our team do everyday. We waste less time and get more meaningful work done. The one-click reporting is the cherry-on-top.”
Kobus Van Zyl
Executive Director

4.8 stars

Use cases

Cascade works
the way you work

Your strategy is meant to be used, not just admired from a glass case. Get your strategy out of the boardroom and into the lime light.

Business Transformation

Revamp old ways from digital transformation to sustainability.
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Operational Efficiency

Run leaner from process standardization to continuous improvement.
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Portfolio Management

Oversee the layers of your business from M&A to portfolio resource allocation.
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Strategy Frameworks & OKRs

Set your plans in motion with OKRs, Balanced Scorecard and many more.
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Strategic Planning

Create adaptive plans based on our recommended metrics-first approach.
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Strategy Execution

Bring your strategy to life with everyone working towards aligned outcomes.
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Command the chaos from one single platform

No garbage in, no garbage out. Cascade spans the entirety of your ecosystem to help you judge the relationships between your business inputs and outcomes, regardless of the tools you use.

Automatically connect your strategy silos 🪄

Align your core business metrics to your strategy automatically.
Automatically track the progress of initiatives, no matter what tool your team uses.
Microsoft Teams
As your work changes, keep those impacted in the loop.

Cascade Enterprise

Humans that get strategy

When you use Cascade, you gain access to more than just a platform. Leverage the expertise of our top-rated Enterprise Customer Experts who can guide you through your strategy execution in Cascade every step of the way.

Strategy Execution Experts

Full access to a designated Customer Success Manager to help make sure you get the most out of the tool at every step.

Personalized Implementation

Enterprise-grade Security

Love spreadsheets? Nah. Choose strategic excellence!

#1 Rated Strategy Execution Platform
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