Jump Start Guide for Team Members

What to expect

I know what you’re here for - you’re wondering ‘how is Cascade really going to make my job easier?’ Great question! Let me show you.

To start, let’s set the scene:

When you first start using Cascade

You and your team will get some amazing quick wins - like visibility over what the whole team is doing and a clearer understanding of how your work connects back to the company’s strategy.

Over the next three months

As you and your team continue to implement Cascade, you’ll begin to see some incredible results.

As Cascade becomes the center of your strategic ecosystem

You’ll start to see exactly where your work fits into your organization’s web of strategic priorities. You’ll be able to see the status of all of the work you own in one place, no matter where it’s managed, and you’ll have all the information you need to collaborate with other teams.

After all of your projects are connected to Cascade

You’ll be able to visualize all of your work, and its impact, in one location. No more waiting until your next performance review or having to cross reference between all your other tools.

Let’s nail down what those outcomes will look like in a bit more detail!

Outcomes you will see

  • Communicate progress and challenges to managers and other team members.
  • Manage timelines and deadlines to ensure the completion of key deliverables. 
  • Maintain visibility and transparency around your work and performance. 
  • See how your work impacts both team goals and strategic goals.
  • Organize and manage your key outcomes in a central location.
  • Streamline collaboration by maintaining complete visibility over your own work and gaining insights and context on other team’s work.

Your 30/60/90 plan

First 30 days

Work with your manager to identify the key outcomes that you own.
Identify which tools you currently use to manage the work connected to those outcomes, and communicate the priorities to your team manager. 
Configure your notifications as you prefer so that you can stay up to date with your work in Cascade.

By 60 days

Work with your team to connect the tools you use to manage your work with Cascade.
Configure your home page and Kanban board to support your workflow and make sure you know how to access the projects, actions, and measures assigned to you.
Use Cascade’s native collaboration integrations to streamline your workflow so that you can manage.

By 90 days

Create a personal report to manage your work. 
Leverage your personal report to report on progress to your manager.
Use team and goal updates to provide context around the work that you own. Take advantage of updates to collaborate with other teams!

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