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How to setup Salesforce in Cascade

  1. In Salesforce go to Reports and select the Report with the data you want to send to Cascade
  2. To add summarized fields to your report, simply edit your report.
  3. When editing you will see a list of the columns in your report in the left side panel. The fields that are highlighted in blue are the number fields that you can add as summary fields to your report.
  4. Click on a number field that you would like to include as the progress update that you send to Cascade, this will open a pop-up to select a summary field option. Choose how you want that summary to be calculated (sum, average, max or min).
  5. Click Apply then Save & Run your report.
  6. When finished you will see the field on your report and will then be able to go to Cascade and select that field while setting up Salesforce as your tracking type for your goal.
You have successfully integrated Cascade with Salesforce!
Screen showing salesforce integration with cascade and the flow inside salesforce

How to get the most out of this integration

Automatically update your Cascade goals with Salesforce data


Check out additional help documentation here:
Salesforce Integration for Cascade

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