Configuring and Using Time Horizons

Bec Lee
Customer Education Manager


Hey there. In this video, I want to talk a little bit about one of our newest releases here at cascade time horizons.

Time horizons allow you to create different cadences of time that you can assign your goals to, and then you can actually filter or assign those goals out according to the time periods that reflect your business's strategy and governance goals. So with this functionality, we can create these different time horizons according to the regular cadences of your business, whether that's a budget cycle, Maybe it's a yearly planning cycle or even a three year planning cycle. When we create these time horizons from the admin setting, what we can then do is assign goals to the time horizon rather than with custom dates, and then we can actually filter our plans according to the time horizons. That's gonna let us clear away things that aren't relevant at a certain time or hone and focus on just a particular time period.

So you can see here I'm in my admin menu, and I've got the time horizons tab pulled up here. What I can go ahead and do is I actually go ahead and create a new horizon, or I can see all the existing ones on this timeline view here.

In order to create a new one, I'll just use this new button, I'm gonna call this one h one twenty twenty four.

Assign the dates as needed.

And once I add that, it's going to add to the timeline here. After I create these, I can drag and the ends to rearrange those dates, as well as edit, or delete the time horizon.

Once these are created in the admin menu, I actually have the option to go into a particular plan And you can see right now this is a three year strategic plan. All of these goals last kind of a while. They'll stretch over this time period. But what I can go ahead and do is now filter according to the dates or time horizons.

So if I use this date filter, I can do a custom according to the individual calendar, but I can also use this new time horizon function to filter out to just what I need to see for a given time. So for example, let's say I want to see just what's relevant in q one twenty twenty four. I'll select that option, apply the filter, and it's going to cut out anything that's not relevant to that time period.

So this is a great way to make sure we're maintaining our goals that are relevant over multiple years while also maintaining the ability to narrow down our focus just as a particular time period so we can focus in on what matters for a specific moment and prioritize that time.

Hopefully this helped you get a great overview of time horizons and you can start using them now.

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