How to Use Custom Update Templates

Bec Lee
Customer Education Manager

In this video, I will show you how to use custom update templates. Before we begin, make sure the templates are configured by an admin. Once configured, we can leverage these templates in two key places: at the team level and at the goal level. At the team level, we can apply custom team updates by selecting the desired template and filling out the fields. Similarly, at the goal level, we can post updates using the custom templates. Watch the video to learn how to fill out and use these custom updates.


Hello. Hello. In this video, we are going to take a look at how to use custom updates templates. So before we get to this step, you'll wanna make sure that those custom update templates have been configured, which will have to be done by someone with admin permissions. But once they are configured, enabled, and applied to certain entities, this is how we would go about actually using those templates.

So there are two key places where we'll be able to use these and leverage these custom templates, the first being at the team level. So if I pull up eighteen page here, you can see I've got the digital transformation team. This is where I would be able to apply a custom team update.

So if I come to the update segment of this team's page along the bottom here, I've got the option to post a team update. And when I click that option, It's gonna let me see which options for the custom updates are available for this team. So I've got the standard and team check ins. Once I select that update type, it's going to configure up this window here that will let me post that update. You can see I've got a couple of custom fields, including what well, what could have been better. These will just be whatever is configured by that admin on the front end when we set up these custom templates.

Once you select the template that you want to use, you'll go ahead and just fill that out and click post update and it will fill out accordingly and post to the team.

The other option we have is to apply these updates at the goal level. So as you can see, I've got an objective pulled up here. If I come to the update section for the objective itself, I can actually have the same option to post an update, click into that, and you'll see I've got a couple of options for those custom templates.

So let's say, in this case, I wanna go ahead and add a monthly review update. I'll select that option. It will pull up this window. I configure those fields as needed and then post the update accordingly. And that is how we would go about filling out and using those custom updates templates.

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