Jen Beirne

Head of Marketing for Amazon Alexa at ANZ

Listen To Your Customers & Involve Your Team

36 Minutes

It’s all about the customer. 

In their conversation for the Strategy Factory, Jen Beirne and Lucas Goransky navigate through a handful of fascinating topics that range from marketing strategies to team management to innovation at Amazon. 

At the center of their conversation lies the importance of listening to the customer to make significant business decisions. Doing the appropriate qualitative and quantitative research to leverage your decision-making process with data from your customers.

Sit down and enjoy a great conversation between Jen and Lucas!

More about
Jen Beirne

Jen Beirne is the ANZ Head of Marketing for Amazon Alexa - the voice technology powering Amazon Echo and hundreds more Alexa-enabled devices to make life that bit easier for everyone. At Amazon, Jen’s team are responsible for helping customers discover the thousands of amazing ways they can interact with and enjoy Alexa, in addition to helping businesses discover how they should be leveraging this new channel to better serve their customers. Prior to joining Amazon Australia, Jen led the SMB Direct and Indirect Marketing teams at O2, Telefonica in the UK.

Video Transcript

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