Kate Hughes

Global retail lead at British Petroleum

The Role of Branding Strategies

37 Minutes

Executing an effective Branding Strategy is one of the most challenging tasks organizations have. 

In their conversation for the Strategy Factory, Kate Hughes and Lucas Goransky explore the dos and don'ts of branding strategies. What is an effective Branding Strategy? How should it be measured? When should organizations invest in branding? 

They also navigate through the topic of neurodiversity and how diverse teams can be a differentiation strategy for corporations in competitive landscapes. 

Sit down and enjoy this great chat between Kate and Lucas

More about
Kate Hughes

Kate is a customer-centric, data-led marketer with particular expertise in ecommerce, content, brand marketing and digital transformation. With 20 years experience often at the forefront of digital evolutions, she has a diverse background gained working in the UK and ANZ, both in agency and in-house, across a range of sectors and believes that having a creative and agile mindset and adaptive approach is critical in today’s ever-changing environment.

Video Transcript

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