Jacky Barker

B2B Social Lead at Canva

How to build a global brand

Duration: 32 Minutes

Building a global brand is not an easy thing.

In her interview for the Strategy Factory, Jack Barker shares her story and the strategies that helped her push Canva's brand to every corner of the world. During the interview, Jacky shares her vision on culture, teams, social media, and building a world-class employer brand

More about Jacky Barker

Jacky Barker is a Social Media Lead at Canva looking after the B2B and Employer Brand strategy. Over the past 3 years, she set up and scaled the global social media and community team at Canva. She has 7 years experience in digital and social media, having worked across a range of consumer and B2B brands in the UK and Australia. She also runs a social media meet-up, Social Circle, in Sydney.

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Video Transcript

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