Erica & Sam

The Adaptable Organization

Duration: 35 Minutes

Are you ready to celebrate Strategy?

After the renowned success of Strategy Fest, it was time for Strategy to have its own day!

Welcome to #WorldStrategyDay. A day to celebrate the good, the bad, and the ugly of Strategy!

A day to commemorate the greatest strategies of all time and remember those that didn't end well.

On November 9 2021, Cascade hosted a global event with world-class speakers to discuss three big topics.
1. Productivity vs effectiveness
2. The Adaptable Organization
3. How to generate alignment across teams

Enjoy this session between Erican Santoni & Sam Sterling where they discuss the concept of 'The Adaptable Organization'.

More about Erica & Sam

Erica Santoni - Principal on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team at Intuit

Erica Santoni is a Principal on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team at Intuit, and she is based in Mountain View, California. A former BCG consultant and corporate strategist, Erica leverages her business strategy toolkit to develop evidence-based solutions to promote workplace equity. Prior to Intuit, Erica has covered multiple roles across Europe and the US, working at Vodafone, General Electric, VMware, Catalyst, and BCG. Erica holds an MBA from Harvard Business School with a focus on Leadership and Human Capital Management.

Sam Sterling - Chief Strategy Officer, APAC, AKQA

Decisions made today determine who makes history, and Sam Sterling is an expert on how the right decisions about “what’s next” get made – now. Sam’s expertise lies in building ambidextrous organisations which both perform today and invest in exploratory efforts that pave the way for a glittering future tomorrow. Currently, she applies her experience as Chief Strategy Officer, APAC for experience design and innovation company AKQA, and outside hours indulges her curiosity as a doctor of business administration candidate. Famous for asking the questions everyone hopes she won’t, Sam is passionate about creating multi-generational businesses which are the stuff of legend.


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