Guillermo Hermosillo

Global Innovation Director at Burger King

The key elements to having a successful and robust branding strategy

Duration: 40 Minutes

Branding is not about following brand guidelines. 

In his interview at the Strategy Factory, Guillermo Hermosillo shares his learnings from 15 years of experience in branding. He talks about the main pillars companies need to address to have a robust branding strategy, as well as the process of undergoing a digital transformation in this new post-Covid era. 

Guillermo also shares his passion for portfolio management and the importance of constantly listening to customers to get it right.

More about Guillermo Hermosillo

Guillermo is an experienced marketeer and passionate brand builder with 15 years of global, regional and local brand/business management roles in different categories & companies. As a passionate digital marketeer, Guillermo has been accountable for the digital transformation of Burger King in Mexico, as well as the sales recovery in a post-pandemic environment. He currently leads Innovation & portfolio strategy for Burger King at a global level.

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Video Transcript

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