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20 Of The Best Strategy Tools For Your Organization in 2022

by Tom Wright, on Jan 4, 2022

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Strategy tools overview

Strategy is how organizations compete, how they differentiate, and how they thrive. Or become irrelevant and slowly die. Developing a sound strategy is something every organization strives to achieve.

Choosing the right tools to execute that strategy and bring their strategic processes to life is something only a few are concerned with. In this article, we review strategic planning, strategic management, strategic tracking, strategy execution tools, and explain the only end to end strategy tool.

Business strategy tools


Cascade Strategy Software (PLAN Features): Our platform is customizable and sophisticated enough to handle the unique way you do strategy. It’s also available to anyone you want to include.

Cascade Strategy Software: With our platform, you go beyond presenting your strategy to your people. You expose it. Your employees can view the company’s strategy at will, engage with it, challenge it and align their decisions with it.

Cascade Strategy Software (MANAGE Features): In Cascade, every goal, objective, KPI, and project has an owner. With a single view, you can get a clear overview of the strategy’s progress and weaknesses.

Cascade Strategy Software (TRACK Features): A platform with automated reporting, automatic generation of customizable snapshots, and everything you need to track and view your strategy’s progress with just a few clicks.

If you haven't noticed already, Cascade is the only platform that takes care of all the phases of the strategic management process. It’s the only tool you need for strategy, your one source of truth.

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This article breaks down the different strategy tools for each phase of the strategic management process. So, we have:

  • Strategic planning tools
  • Strategic management tools
  • Strategic tracking tools

strategic planning tools infographic

Strategic planning tools

The first major part of the strategic management process involves analysis and planning. The strategy tools we've listed in this section are all about helping you understand where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow.

Strategic planning tools for goal setting

The first step of strategic planning is setting out your high-level vision and goals.

Vision Statement Toolkit: This Excel-based strategy tool will help you create a vision statement for your organization from scratch.

Values Toolkit: Another pillar of your strategy is setting your strategic values. This Excel-based strategy toolkit will help with that process.

Strategic Planning Template: A solid strategic planning template that thousands of organizations use and encompasses goal setting and strategic planning elements.

Strategic planning tools for understanding your environment

The next step of strategic planning is studying your organization’s strengths as well as the environment in which you operate to inform your strategic decisions.

GAP Analysis Toolkit: A toolkit to help you understand where you are today and the gaps in your company’s capacity.

SWOT Analysis Tool: Free online software tool to help you create a SWOT Analysis from scratch. Though we do have our own guide for the SWOT analysis.

PESTLE Analysis Template: PESTLE helps you examine the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal & Environmental factors that could impact your strategy.

Strategic planning tools for strategy formulation

Strategy formulation is where the rubber hits the road. By now, you've got a good idea of where you want to go (goal setting) and your own capabilities, as well as the situation externally (understanding your environment). So, it's time to create a plan for how to get there.

Google Sheets: A step-up from Excel since it allows for easier collaboration when brainstorming your strategy with colleagues.

Strategic Planning Questionnaire: A downloadable questionnaire you and your team can complete prior to a strategy formulation session to get your thoughts flowing freely.

KPI Library: An online library of free KPI examples for a range of industries to give you inspiration. Don’t blindly copy them, just let them inspire you.

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Strategic management tools

The second phase of the strategic management process is executing the strategic plan you created earlier .

Strategic management tools for strategic governance

Strategic governance is all about setting up the right processes in your organization to have effective and meaningful strategy discussions. 

Google Calendar: OK, so this isn't really a strategy tool per se, but the first step in effective strategic governance is actually getting your team together on a regular basis to talk about strategy.

Trello: Whilst, not a fully-fledged strategy tool, Trello can help with basic governance of strategic goals and projects.

Strategic Communication & Engagement Tools

Developing a sound strategic plan is great. Effectively communicating it to your people and having them engage with it is not an easy task. That's where our list of strategic communication and engagement tools can help:

Prezi: PowerPoint is a terrible tool for strategy execution, but a good presentation is a fine starting point to introduce your people to the new strategy. Up your game with an interactive Prezi presentation rather than a stuffy old PowerPoint!

Strategic Communication Toolkit: This toolkit will help you plan out your strategic engagement plan to ensure you cover all the bases of effective strategy communication.

Employee Engagement Toolkit: Create an action plan to drive higher employee engagement in this interactive template.

Strategic management tools for performance management 

Linking people's performance to the company’s strategy is a great way to drive execution across your team. Check out these tools for a helping hand:

Zoho People: There are very few genuinely free performance management tools out there, but Zoho has a free tier for up to 5 team members.

Strategic tracking tools

The final phase of the strategic management process involves tracking the effectiveness of your strategy and then iterating where needed. These tools are all about tracking, analytics and iteration!

Strategic tracking tools for strategic analysis

Strategic analysis monitors whether or not you've delivered on your strategy and made progress towards your goals. It's also concerned with helping you understand the reasons why you've succeeded or failed.

Dasheroo: The free version only allows you to create one strategy dashboard, but it includes integrations to many of your business systems.

Book a product demo with a strategy expert  Get a 1:1 demo of the #1 strategy execution platform and see how you can dream  bigger with Cascade. Book Now

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Book a product demo with a strategy expert.    Get a 1:1 demo of the #1 strategy execution platform and see how you can dream  bigger with Cascade. Book Now