Joan Torrents

UNESCO Prize Winner & Global Sourcing Manager at TESCO

Embracing change and building team culture

34 Minutes

During their conversation, Joan Torrents and Lucas Goransky discussed a range of topics: 

1) How externalities like Brexit can disrupt a company

2) How a strong culture is fundamental through uncertain times

3) How to effectively manage teams

4) The future of the Supermarket industry and the future of work

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Joan Torrents

Joan’s life is a story with two very different parts. His family had a wine retail business in Barcelona, Spain, and he started working in procurement as well as teaching physics and
chemistry in college. His passion for sharing knowledge and getting people to unleash their potential made him a successful educator and it was recognised by UNESCO with an award on innovation. Ahead of him, there was a very clear and guided path with certainty and social comfort.

Professionally he has worked in procurement, sourcing and consultancy roles across retail and hospitality businesses like Naked Wines, Bain Capital, Mitchells & Butlers and currently Tesco, where he is Global Sourcing Manager. It is during his time with this retailer that he worked with UK Government officials on planning a supply contingency plan in case of nodeal Brexit, when stakes were as high as levels of ambiguity and uncertainty.

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Video Transcript

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