Discussing Productivity vs Effectiveness

35 Minutes

Are you ready to celebrate Strategy?

After the renowned success of Strategy Fest, it was time for Strategy to have its own day!

Welcome to #WorldStrategyDay. A day to celebrate the good, the bad, and the ugly of Strategy!

A day to commemorate the greatest strategies of all time and remember those that didn't end well.

On November 9 2021, Cascade hosted a global event with world-class speakers to discuss three big topics.
1. Productivity vs effectiveness
2. The Adaptable Organization
3. How to generate alignment across teams

Enjoy this session between Jethro Grainger-Marsh and Guillermo Hermosillo about the differences between Productivity and Effectiveness and how their organizations have managed to deal with them.

More about
Guillermo & Jethro

Guillermo Hermosillo Cue - Global Innovation Director at Burger King

Guillermo is an experienced marketeer and passionate brand builder with 15 years of global, regional and local brand/business management roles in different categories & companies. As a passionate digital marketeer, Guillermo has been accountable for the digital transformation of Burger King in Mexico, as well as the sales recovery in a post-pandemic environment. He currently leads Innovation & portfolio strategy for Burger King at a global level.

Jethro Grainger-Marsh - Head of Strategy & Solutions at Roche

With a background in developing and driving digital transformation and growth for a wide range of organisations and industries including companies such as Fujifilm, Temenos, SAP Concur, and Roche Diagnostics, Jethro blends his commercial innovation background with an ethos of engagement and people-first leadership. Jethro thrives on driving change, with the customer at the heart of everything, and has been integrally involved in the organisational and cultural transformation delivery at Roche in Australia, and is studying for his MBA with the University of South Australia.

Video Transcript

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