Robert Quintero

Director of UX at 3M

From traditional to tech company

43 Minutes

During their conversation, Robert Quintero and Lucas Goransky discussed a range of topics: 

1) The evolution of 3M over the years

2) The transformation from a traditional company into a tech-driven business

3) How to create an environment to nurture creativity and innovation

More about
Robert Quintero

Robert Quintero is Director of User Experience at 3M, where he has helped to deliver the first digital programs for the Post-it™️ brand and has kickstarted various IoT programs across 3M’s industrial business group divisions. His creative career began at 17, working on theme parks across the globe as a Disney Imagineer. A graduate of Art Center College of Design and INSEAD’s unique Design MBA program, Robert has built and continues to scale the digital design competency across 3M, focusing on design impact for strategic growth of the organization.

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Video Transcript

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