Taruna Upadhyaya

Global Strategy and Operations, Wireline Business at T-Mobile

Strategy execution in a global organization

59 Minutes

During their conversation, Taruna Upadhyaya and Lucas Goransky discussed a range of topics: 

1) The evolution of the Telecom Industry in the past 20 years

2) How to plan and execute strategy in a global organization

3) The importance of setting quality KPIs to foster innovation and long term growth

More about
Taruna Upadhyaya

Taruna Upadhyaya is the Global Head of Strategy & Markets for Global Wireline Business at T-Mobile US, Inc. serving Fortune 500, SMB, and Wholesale segments in 190 countries. She is passionately committed to build and lead an ecosystem Connecting People, Places and Things that empower businesses in today’s digitally disrupted economy. As a global strategist for Telecom, Media, and Digital communications industry she has been inspiring businesses to harness the transformative power of Digital and Telecom revolution to build and scale brands with a ‘digital/mobile-first agenda from nascent 2G era to now, 5G across US, Europe, Asia, and Middle East markets.  A firm believer of ‘Strategy without execution is Delusion’, Ms Upadhyaya has reimagined the business approach for enterprises competing intensely with “born-digital” businesses. An active Mentor for Startups, she champions unlocking human potential to find their true north. She continuously represents the voice for women, and people of colour and has dedicated herself to drive focus on under-served and under-represented communities to break the glass ceilings and build racial and economic equity by continuously bringing together thought leaders from the African American, Hispanic, Asian, LGBT, and general market communities

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Video Transcript

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