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  • Ilana Rosen

    Co-Create your Strategy

  • Matt Ryan

    It’s all about the customer

  • Tamara Grominsky

    Why should customer segmentation drive your Strategy

  • Carlos Trad

    Strategic planning & executing interview

  • Ken Miller

    Strategy planning & execution interview

  • Thibault Mesqui

    Head to the moon, feet on the ground (how to bring to life a successful Strategy)

  • Jessica Nordlander

    Jess' awesome Strategy model

  • Hamish Grant

    Great businesses don’t follow the rules

  • Joan Torrents

    Embracing change and building team culture

  • Nicolas Tessier

    The big forces transforming the work of the future

  • Robert Quintero

    From traditional to tech company

  • Taruna Upadhyaya

    Strategy execution in a global organization

  • Annie Lucchitti

    How to stay relevant in the FMCG industry

  • Niharika Gupta

    How to strategize to truly innovate and digitally disrupt?

  • Tomas Ferraro

    Values, partnerships, and scaling a media startup

  • Erica Santoni

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy

  • Yaniv Bernstein

    Building for impact

  • Ryan Gonsalves

    Banking with purpose

  • Markus Rentsch

    Customer Success teams need to be growth drivers

  • Raphael Hammel

    Why your brain is the enemy to good strategy… and what to do about it?

  • Megan Bowen

    Go To Market 3.0

  • Alex Reeman-Clark

    Customer Service in Strategy

  • Pia Heidenmark Cook

    Is sustainability a core competency of your business?

  • Chris Walker

    Make Demand Generation your Competitive Advantage

  • Guillermo Hermosillo

    The key elements to having a successful and robust branding strategy

  • Guillermo & Jethro

    Discussing Productivity vs Effectiveness

  • Erica & Sam

    The Adaptable Organization

  • Miles & Jordan

    How to generate alignment across teams

  • Tomas O'Farrell

    The Why and How of remote freelancing

  • Mazen Mroueh

    Achieving Digital Transformation

  • Rameshwar Balanagu

    Talking Strategy & Tech

  • Kate Hughes

    The Role of Branding Strategies

  • Jen Beirne

    Listen To Your Customers & Involve Your Team

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