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  • Matt Ryan

    It’s all about the customer

  • Thibault Mesqui

    Head to the moon, feet on the ground (how to bring to life a successful Strategy)

  • Jessica Nordlander

    Jess' awesome Strategy model

  • Mike Lardner

    The future of work

  • Tomas Ferraro

    Values, partnerships, and scaling a media startup

  • Anita Toth

    Churn is like marriage, people don’t leave for just one reason

  • Adam Posner

    The Great Migration

  • Raphael Hammel

    Why your brain is the enemy to good strategy… and what to do about it?

  • Megan Bowen

    Go To Market 3.0

  • Corey Kossack

    Hiring, retaining, and diversity in the workforce

  • Pia Heidenmark Cook

    Is sustainability a core competency of your business?

  • Guillermo Hermosillo

    The key elements to having a successful and robust branding strategy

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